Understand your Cloud Infrastructure with Cloudgraph

DevOps User Group Webinar

Title:  Understand your Cloud Infrastructure with Cloudgraph

Presenter:  Jon Moss, Senior Engineer at Konsentus

Date: 12th May 2022

Understanding your cloud infrastructure can be difficult and time-consuming.

Hosted by CirrusHQ and presented by Jon Moss, a Senior Engineer from Konsentus. Jon shares his experience using Cloudgraph.

Cloudgraph is an interesting and innovative way of understanding your cloud infrastructure using a standardised API, to answer questions that are not always straightforward to find answers to, when using the console.

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DevOps User Group Webinar

Title: Tackling the massive complexity of production Machine Learning

Presenter:  Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon

Date: 24th March 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ and presented by Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon.

As an early Machine Learning practitioner working with a small number of models it was easy to think that wrapping a model in an API was all that was needed. Since then, having worked with customers that deploy thousands of models at scale, Ed realised quite how naive that worldview was. The road to MLOps best practice is long, hard and poorly defined… In this talk Ed covers the mistakes he made, what he learned along the way, and how DevOps principles are bleeding over into the field of ML.

Ed, having previously led a tech team at IBM and now Head of Developer Relations at Seldon, Ed comes from a cloud computing background and is a strong believer in making deployments as easy as possible for developers. With an education in computational modelling and an enthusiasm for machine learning, Ed has blended his work in ML and cloud native computing together to cement himself firmly in the emerging field of MLOps.

To register for the event, please visit the Edinburgh DevOps User Group: https://www.meetup.com/Edinburgh-DevOps-Meetup/events/284605792/

On-Demand Webinar

Title: Delivering Full-Stack apps with AWS Amplify Studio and Figma

Presenter: John Walker, Head of Architecture and APN Ambassador

Date: 10th March 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ, John Walker, Head of Architecture and APN Ambassador will demonstrate the features of AWS Amplify Studio, the new visual development environment built on top of AWS Amplify, which allows for accelerated development of full-stack apps.

AWS Amplify Studio allows users to deploy feature-rich applications with minimal coding. Also demonstrated will be the AWS Amplify Studio integration with Figma, a leading collaborative interface design tool, currently released as a preview feature.


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Title: Event-Driven Architecture: Routing Billions of Events with EventBridge

Presenter:  Luc van Donkersgoed AWS Hero and Lead Solution Software Engineer

Date: 3rd February 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ, we are delighted to have Luc van Donkersgoed, AWS Hero, who is a subject matter expert in building Event-Driven Architecture at PostNL which is the Dutch national postal service.

In the last few years PostNL have seen enormous growth in the area of parcel delivery, combined with a strong increase in competitors and their skills. Their ambition is to be your favorite delivery company, and to achieve that goal they need to innovate. Innovate like crazy.

Central to this innovation is the event-driven integration between the many teams responsible for getting a parcel to your doorstep: when a parcel is first registered, that’s an event. When it arrives at a sorting center, that’s an event. When a truck is delayed, that’s an event. When the delivery driver delivers the package to your neighbours, that’s an event. Each of these events needs to be processed by zero, one or more consumers. The delivery and structure of these events needs to be reliable, new events should be added to the system seamlessly, and event consumers should be able to discover and receive any event they require.

This is a challenge at any scale – but it’s an extreme challenge at PostNL, who are processing 1.100.000 parcels every day, leading to 6 billion events per month. And they only expect these numbers to grow.

In this talk Luc will present a secure, reliable and elastic solution for event routing at scale, built on EventBridge, API Gateway, Lambda, S3 and the CDK. Luc will deep dive on topics like security, cost, integration and monitoring. Lastly, we will look at areas of improvement, such as latency, cost efficiency, and reducing the number of components and services used..

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CirrusHQ Opens New Offices in Oxford and Central London

The UK AWS Cloud Specialist, CirrusHQ, has opened its doors in Oxford and London – less than a year after moving its HQ to Livingston. The new offices will further support the company’s growth and serve as a vital connection to education sector customers in Oxford and public sector customers in London.

Commenting on the opening of the Oxford office in March James Lucas, CirrusHQ CEO, said, “The move to Oxford will make a huge difference to the service we can deliver to our customers in the education sector, a critical mass of whom are located in Oxford.”

The opening of the London office is a timely move for CirrusHQ: the company is well positioned to address the huge rise in demand for innovative, secure and cost-efficient cloud services among public organisations.

Daemonn Brody, Managing Director, commented, “Now is the perfect time for us to be in London. It not only allows us to develop our present relationships with public sector customers but to initiate conversations with central or local government, healthcare and non-profit organisations who’re looking to transform their existing legacy infrastructures. In particular, the London office will help to cement our close working relationship with AWS through close proximity to their offices in Holborn.”

Lucas concluded, “The move to Oxford and now the opening of the London office are two huge steps toward our goal of cementing our national presence.”

CirrusHQ and AWS are presenting to the Association of Colleges on 24th March 2020 at the AWS HQ in London. This special event brings together the Technology Special Interest Group leaders from across England to spend a day learning how AWS can transform, innovate and extend the college and student experience.

Stephen Croke, Head of Business Development at CirrusHQ, commented “This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how CirrusHQ can help those in the education sector make their first steps in the AWS cloud through the On-Boarding Programme.

Working with AWS we offer a free programme to identify and onboard a workload, bring together the interested key stakeholders in the educational establishment, and work with experts from CirrusHQ to bring it to life on AWS.”

The Association of Colleges represents 93% of the further education and sixth form colleges in the UK.

CirrusHQ To Host Immersion Days

As a leading UK Advanced Consulting Partner, CirrusHQ is delighted to announce it has been approved to roll-out AWS Partner Network (APN) Immersion Day workshops. These are aimed at customers looking for an in-depth analysis of how they can leverage the AWS platform to their advantage before committing to an initiative.

AWS Immersion Day workshops are available only to advanced and premier tiered consulting partners. CirrusHQ takes the official AWS solution structure and delivers it in an exclusive package to the customers attending our Immersion Day.

Immersion Days are free of charge and delivered by CirrusHQ’s own certified AWS Solution Architects. They are perfectly suited to new customers who want to learn more about AWS Cloud Services and exactly how the solutions can be implemented and then transform their businesses.

From the tailored benefits to suit any business to the advanced capabilities and optimisation techniques, Immersion Days are ideal for a mix of your business and technical teams.

To learn more about APN Immersion Days, click here: APN Immersion Days

CirrusHQ Fuels Future Growth With Key Sales Appointment

Stephen Croke has joined CirrusHQ, a leading UK AWS partner, as Head of Business Development. He will be responsible for CirrusHQ’s customer relationships and engagements across its education, private and public sector verticals.

Commenting on the appointment, CirrusHQ MD Daemonn Brody said, “This is a pivotal time in the development of the company: we hold a market-leading position in a growing AWS cloud services market and needed an experienced sales leader to spearhead our further growth over the next few years. With his technology background and commitment to his customers’ success, we’ve hired the right person at the right time and we are thrilled to have Stephen join us.”

Croke joins CirrusHQ from Proact IT Group, having previously held sales leadership positions in Capito, Esteem and Computacenter. He and brings with him a wealth of customer success expertise in the Cloud and IT services market.

“I’m delighted to be joining CirrusHQ,” said Croke. “Their AWS focus is evidenced by the many certifications the company holds and they have been with AWS right from the very start. I consider myself a real evangelist for the benefits of the cloud and I’m looking forward to ensuring that CirrusHQ’s expertise helps as many companies as possible to start – or extend – their AWS cloud journey.”

CirrusHQ and UCISA – The UCISA20 Leadership Conference

We’re proud to be Corporate Members of ucisa, the professional body for digital practitioners in Education. ucisa promotes the expertise of those leading the delivery of digital transformation services to educational institutes, supporting excellence in teaching and enhancing student experience.

Most UK Higher Education institutes are members, but there are a growing number of Further Education and Sixth Form colleges joining the body. As UCISA members, we work together to share their technical knowledge and digital expertise and aid in the transformation of teaching, learning and research in the UK.

On 18th and 19th March, CirrusHQ will be attending the ucisa20 Leadership Conference at the Central Convention Complex in Manchester and we’d love to see you there. We’ll be on stand 56 in the main hall – just by the AWS stand.

We’re delighted to be presenting with our customers at University of Oxford, where we will reveal our recent project for the University. We’ll be discussing how CirrusHQ helped evolve the University of Oxford Museum’s ‘Collections Online’ solution and how they’re now leveraging continuous delivery in AWS.

Come to the ucisa20 Leadership Conference and join us at 3.10pm on the 18th March, and we look forward to speaking to you on Stand 56 in the exhibition hall, where you can have a chance to win a fantastic Amazon Echo Sub + Echo Sub Plus.



Our ucisa Solutions

We take pride in our work for the great seats of learning across the UK. Cloud technology has a powerful impact on the modes and quality of teaching and enables new breakthroughs in research.

It’s for these reasons that CirrusHQ plays an active role in ucisa, guiding other members on the delivery of highly optimised AWS cloud deployments into education.

We provide thought leadership and guidance to ucisa members in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure best practices
  • Cloud migration considerations
  • Cost management – capex to opex
  • Automation via infrastructure-as-code
  • Ongoing optimisation and operation
  • Security governance policies

CirrusHQ has achieved an Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 78, an outstanding result considering that only 10% of brands in the UK achieve a score of over 40 (on a scale of -100 to 100).  CirrusHQ’s outstanding NPS serves as an example of the strong commitment to customer experience that is fostered by the leadership and extends into every arm of the company.

NPS is a simple and effective methodology for measuring customer loyalty. Collected through first-hand feedback from customers and set on a scale between -100 and +100, it works as an alternative to more traditional customer satisfaction collection and analysis. The tech sector has the strongest average NPS with an average of 36.

“This “off-the-scale” score really marks us out as a business going above and beyond to deliver incredible customer service,” said James Lucas, CirrusHQ CEO. “It is a testament to the quality and delivery of our solutions and services and is down to our twin focus on the AWS platform and our customers. Service is core to our mission and we take pride in delivering to the highest standards.”