CirrusHQ Migration Competency badge

CirrusHQ, the AWS Cloud specialist, is proud to announce they have been awarded the AWS Migration and Modernisation Competency. The award recognises how as an AWS partner, CirrusHQ excels in technical expertise, specialisation, and differentiation with expert capabilities in a key area.

A trusted AWS migration partner

CirrusHQ have a proven track record of migrating key workloads to AWS. With a primary focus on understanding their customers’ key drivers, unique challenges, and success criteria, the team at CirrusHQ use expert AWS knowledge and best practice to construct an AWS journey best aligned to their customer’s business needs.

CirrusHQ understands that each journey to AWS is different, and are pleased to be able to showcase some of their great customer success stories that demonstrate their capabilities:

  • Nottingham College
    CirrusHQ migrated Nottingham College’s backups to the AWS cloud which ultimately helped to transform the college’s disaster recovery process. Read more here.
  • White Rose Math 
    With the help of CirrusHQ, the mathematics training provider developed the ability to scale with size, and maintain performance of their hugely successful teaching and learning brand – just as the pandemic hit. Read more here.
  • CIPFA 
    Having migrated significant back-office applications using best practice AWS governance, CirrusHQ successfully enabled the UK-based accountancy body to achieve their cloud first strategy. Read more here.

On being awarded this significant competency from AWS, James Lucas, CEO and Founder of CirrusHQ said “We are delighted to announce we have obtained the Migration Competency. We recognise that there is still huge potential for the UK market to utilise the Public Cloud and AWS, and that driving best-practices to successfully transition and adopt AWS for our customers is critical when they undertake this significant journey. Our team provides not only the technical solution, but also the skills and support needed to ensure success.”

New sector-specific AWS migration products

CirrusHQ are also pleased to announce the creation of a collection of migration products, designed to help each industry sector advance their AWS migration journey. The product set will be backed by AWS funding that ensures complete end-to-end migration support. Offering their full AWS expertise, the team looks forward to tailoring support to specific sectors, and enabling more organisations to maximise the full benefits of AWS.

John Walker, Head of Architecture and AWS APN Ambassador, remarked “Our new set of Migration products helps us to understand our customers’ current landscape, operational models, and current skills gaps. We then use these findings to help us construct a journey to AWS that’s aligned with their unique challenges, and utilise the AWS core 7 migration methods to build out a plan. We’ll then introduce a Cloud Centre of Excellence and pilot a migration to ensure they see success as soon as possible. Once we’ve fully migrated we’ll help with their ongoing journey to AWS, as ‘day 1’ on AWS never stops to ensure their workloads are modernised and fully supported”

If you’re looking to begin your journey to AWS and would like to understand how to migrate your workloads, please get in touch with CirrusHQ. With AWS, funding options are possible to help realise your strategic drivers and with our support, accelerate your Cloud journey.

All education institutions and providers are again dealing with their highest levels of online learning provision for pupils and colleagues which can place IT systems under tremendous pressure.

During this time CirrusHQ, using our unrivalled experience in helping Education Institutions scale and grow, are providing support for all online learning providers to remain robust and performant following the recent lockdown.

During the first lockdown one of the worlds largest online providers of academic and educational services based in the UK not only experienced an 800% increase in service requests but also for extended periods of time, which required additional resources to be applied to maintain their services. This experience is being replicated across many organisations and also as a result of increased traffic, this can also have an impact on finances with an unexpected surge in costs.

As the UK and Devolved Governments require many schools, colleges, universities and education establishments to provide online learning only, CirrusHQ are committed to ensuring that critical Education customer facing workloads remain highly available and performant – for existing and new customers .

How we can help through these times

Our UK leading technical and engineering experts are available to talk to you about joint planning, additional proactive engagements and any of our services which can support you.

CirrusHQ can provide support services to monitor traffic, ensure that your workloads scale to the increased volumes without any impacts to your customer base, and be responsive to any impacting news.

Contact us for a no obligations discussion to review your requirements and we will have the right expertise to guide you.

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Who are CirrusHQ

  • Crown commercial service supplier
  • Specialist AWS Education Advanced Consulting Partner
  • UK’s only Consulting Partner to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification.
  • Leading provider of the AWS Courtesy Onboarding program for Education specialising in Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services

CirrusHQ’s unrivalled skills and experience enables Schools, Universities, Colleges and EdTech businesses to unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud.

Muhil Vannan Technical Lead at CirrusHQ commented “We worked tirelessly to address the exceptional new load of the platforms of a number of our clients during the first lockdown. One leading provider of academic and educational resources, saw increased usage of their services ramp up significantly once schools closed as a result of the lockdown. In the weeks leading up to the event we saw a consistent usage on the platform during term time activities, this typically was 32,000 requests to the application in a 5 minute period. Within the first two days of lockdown, this peaked to around 238,000 requests, an increase of 836% on the application itself. Not only this, but the load profile changed from a classic ramping up on a school day to a much more consistent load on the platforms during the day that started earlier and extended longer.

Our expertise in this area helped our clients:

  • Understand the impact of scaling up platforms whilst maintain service
  • Full Project Management of changes to the environment
  • Managing and Monitoring costs
  • Maintaining high levels of service performance throughout

Our team are passionate about service delivery and helping organisations unlock the value of the AWS Cloud”.


Contact us for a no obligations discussion to review your requirements and we will have the right expertise to guide you.

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AWS Immersion Days from CirrusHQ are presentations and workshops which are available in many AWS solution areas, such as; database migration, serverless, containers, artificial intelligence, edge services, security, and more. This enables organisations and institutions to become fully immersed in a specific technology area, led by specially trained Certified AWS Engineers, and also have the opportunity for some hands on experience.

These sessions can also be tailored to fit your business needs, and be delivered to any number of people in your organisation. In our most recent event: the team from CirrusHQ; John Walker (Solutions Architect Team Leader) and Peter Jackson (Business Architect) delivered an Immersion Day “Lunch & Learn” at the University of Oxford.

“Architecting for the Cloud– Best Practices” – this Immersion day event delivered guidance and insights into designing Cloud Architectures. The interactive discussion covered: 

  • building in security at every layer
  • leveraging different storage options (one size does not fit all!)
  • discussed approaches to elasticity (which ensures resources are delivered to meet demand automatically)
  • demonstrated the benefits of scaling horizontally to get the right balance of cost and performance
  • Making effective use of AWS Native Services that already deliver functionality you need (don’t re-invent the wheel)

This session was presented virtually and interactively to an open audience at the University of Oxford and recorded to allow it to be delivered to a wider audience inside the University.

John Walker commented “The benefits of Cloud Computing with AWS unlocks amazing opportunities for institutions such as The University of Oxford: vast power and scale for research, reliable and security infrastructure – particularly important in an education establishment, improves collaboration and access to information, ensures that costs can be tracked, allocated and fully managed. Being able to provide insight, directly to the teams on the ground at the University, as to how applications and platforms should be developed  – is a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged and provide regular insights into this changing landscape.

Immersion Days are delivered by CirrusHQ’s own certified AWS Solution Architects. They are perfectly suited to both new and existing Cloud customers who want to learn more about AWS Cloud Services and exactly how the solutions can be implemented and then transform their businesses.

From the tailored benefits to suit any business, to the advanced capabilities and optimisation techniques, Immersion Days are ideal for a mix of your business and technical teams.

To discuss hosting an Immersion Day for your organisation: please Contact us

Education Challenges & Solutions in 2020

CirrusHQ presented today at the AWS Public Sector Partner Event on “Education Challenges & Solutions in 2020” to an audience of AWS Technology & Consulting Partners. These AWS briefings provide updates on industry and sector trends, as well as best practice and new innovations and use of AWS services.

Pete Jackson, Business Architect at CirrusHQ explained:

“As the leading Education Partner in the UK, we have seen a transformation in the IT and technology challenges affecting the Education landscape in 2020. We were very pleased to be asked to present to an audience of our peers, and demonstrate how CirrusHQ has helped our clients grow and innovate this year, and prepare for the road ahead.”

“The traditional view of the education landscape as purely Primary, Secondary, HE and FE has changed, and we are seeing more growth and demand from the EdTech sectors, as well as VLE’s and LMS’s, Publishers, Content Providers, and Solution Providers specialising in educational software tools for the sector, all of whom CirrusHQ work with to enable them to exploit the AWS cloud.”

“Increasingly these markets are becoming Global, Competitive and driven by Consumerisation. We are finding that not only are institutions having to look at developing or migrating their learning platforms to the Cloud, but they are having to consider the future and current integration of these into new processes, back end systems, CRM & ERP platforms, and change the way that their people work to bring all technology roadmaps together.”

“CirrusHQ has been migrating many customers from legacy platforms to the AWS Cloud in 2020, accelerated by these requirements to be more innovative, more secure, more scalable, and to help our clients open up new commercial strategies. We are exceptionally proud to have been able to share some of that insight with our peers and AWS today.”

To read some of our case studies: click here

To learn more about our work in the Education sector: click here

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AWS re:Invent 2020 – Free and Virtual!

For 2020 the annual AWS re:Invent conference will be held entirely online and virtual this year between Monday 30th  November and Friday 18th December.

This 3 week virtual conference showcases all that is new in the AWS world with;

  • Keynote talk from Andy Jassy CEO of AWS who will share his own insights and the latest news about AWS products and services.
  • The leads of the AWS Partner programs worldwide will be onstage to explain how they are helping partners transform their customers’ business through programs and services such as AWS Marketplace, AWS Migration and the Public Sector Partner Programs.
  • Learn about new advances in AWS developments including the first ever Machine Learning Keynote as well as learning how some of the worlds largest infrastructures run on AWS. There are even opportunities to get hands-on experience with AWS DeepRacer, an advanced machine learning technique.
  • Dr. Werner Vogels, AWS CTO shares his insights on resilient architectures and what this means for the future of software development.
  • AWS will also share insights through the weeks on advances in AWS technologies, future product direction, and amazing case studies and practical implementations.

In addition: there are various additional tracks that take place over the event, including the LEARN track; here you can discover new ways of working with AWS, hear from experts, and advance your own knowledge and skills in AWS.

There are hundreds of sessions over the 3 weeks – and you can hear from AWS experts from around the globe, engage with the technical community, hear about best practice and ask questions about AWS products and services.

The CirrusHQ team will be watching closely the events and announcements and providing our own insights during the 3 weeks of events through our news pages.

Free registration is open to all—register today and start your AWS re:Invent experience click here.

To read our own CirrusHQ AWS Engineering Blog click here.

CirrusHQ & AWS User Group Edinburgh Certification Special

CirrusHQ are a Specialist AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who focus purely on the Amazon Cloud. Specialising in Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services, our unrivalled skills and insights into AWS Cloud Solutions enables both small and enterprise businesses in the public and private sector, to unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud.

The AWS User Group Edinburgh are a group of over 1,000 individuals from all sectors, and all levels of AWS experience, who have a shared interest in AWS technology and meet regularly in Scotland. The group hosts several events and meetings a year, which have gone virtual following the pandemic. Speakers at events have been from companies using AWS as well as from Amazon, with talks primarily covering the technical aspects of AWS services, featuring real-world use cases.

On Thursday 22nd October 2020 over 60 members attended a Virtual Meet Up hosted by CirrusHQ. James Lucas (CEO), Muhil Vannan (Technical Lead) and John Walker (Solutions Architect Team Leader) – who each have both the AWS Professional Solutions Architect and DevOps certifications – presented a session which covered the basics of getting AWS certified, talked about how to prepare and study, and provided a few personal insights and tips.

There were enthusiastic questions from the audience throughout the event and a set of test questions for the participants!

For anyone with an interest in starting their journey with AWS certifications, this was a great event.


If you want to read more about AWS Certifications: click here to read more on the AWS website

If you want to know more about the AWS User Group Edinburgh, click here

Gartner, the worldwide leading research and advisory business, provide insight and advice to senior business leaders across the globe, covering Technology and IT amongst their core work.

The Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant’ is recognised as the go-to tool to advise on specific markets, and the leading businesses operating in them. The report brings together all Gartner’s research, insight and understanding of the global markets showing those who are leading the market, and whose vision,  offering and ability to execute makes them the market leader.

Once again, Amazon Web Services (AWS), have been named as a Cloud Leader for the 10th Consecutive Year in Gartner’s ‘Infrastructure & Platform Services Magic Quadrant’.

James Lucas, CEO at CirrusHQ commented:

“AWS consistently and reliably delivers capabilities and services which simply lead the market, and allow CirrusHQ to deliver leading solutions, enabling our customers to exploit the opprtunity in AWS cloud.

CirrusHQ are proud to continue to be solely focussed on AWS cloud for our customers, allowing us to have developed a deep knowledge, highly skilled engineers, and multiple certifications in this area in order to deliver the best management, migration and solutions delivered to the cloud.

The unlimited scale storage and compute, rapid deployment, unrivalled security, innovative and leading services and flexibility, are why AWS continues to be the natural first choice for cloud solutions.”

To read more about AWS and Gartners Magic Quadrant click here

To speak to the team at CirrusHQ about the opprtunities in AWS Cloud for your business or institution with CirrusHQ click here 

CirrusHQ are pleased to offer our services as part of the UK Government Digital Marketplace with immediate effect.

The Digital Marketplace makes it easier for Public Sector bodies to engage with and consume services from Cloud specialists such as CirrusHQ, by offering a standard and approved framework under which to operate.

CirrusHQ are a Specialist AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who focus purely on the Amazon Cloud. Specialising in Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services. Our unrivalled skills and insights into AWS Cloud Solutions enable public sector and educations organisations to unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud.

Our services in the Digital Marketplace;

Cloud Support

  • Managed Services and Support Services
    • Managed Support for AWS
    • Managed Services for AWS
    • Secure AWS Managed Support
  • Professional Services
    • AWS Cloud Services
    •  AWS Migration Services
    • AWS Design Services
    • AWS Consultancy Services
    • DevOps Consultancy, Implementation and Release Management
    • AWS Professional Services
  • AWS Well Architected Review
  • AWS Immersion Days
  • AWS Courtesy On Boarding

To speak to a CirrusHQ specialist please contact us click here

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Announcing CirrusHQ’s place in the Digital Marketplace, Stephen Croke, Head of Business Development at CirrusHQ commented;

“THE UK Government G-Cloud framework provides simplified procurement for public-sector bodies for technology services that deliver Cloud as its core.

CirrusHQ profoundly believe that a ‘Cloud First’ approach to digital services in the UK benefits both the public, and public sector organisations; but more importantly it enables the delivery of sophisticated end user services which empowers everyone.

We are delighted to be part of the G-Cloud framework which features all of our AWS Cloud services.”

CirrusHQ are proud to be Sponsoring this year’s ‘Cloud Services in the Public Sector’ conference which for the first time will be held fully virtual.

This conference focuses on the transition to Cloud, and the importance and implications of the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy – and the ‘Cloud First’ approach. Those attending the conference can expect to hear discussion and insight into how organisations are responding to this, what approaches they are taking, and how partnerships with Cloud specialists such as CirrusHQ can accelerate that journey.

The event, which takes place on September 15th 2020 to September 16th 2020, is free to attend for public sector organisations and delegates and will be delivered on a cloud based, secure platform featuring keynote speakers including Ross Lyon, Transformation Manager – Cloud First within the Scottish Government.

CirrusHQ will be presenting a panel event on Day 1, 15th September, with the University of Oxford entitled  “From Legacy to Cloud First: the Journey from Idea to Delivery – The University of Oxford’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums brought to life online!” featuring Anjanesh Babu and Marcus Cheetham from the University, along with Peter Jackson and Muhil Vannan from CirrusHQ. This interactive presentation will feature audience questions and panel discussions and cover the journey the University undertook to bring the collections online to a AWS cloud platform with CirrusHQ.

Jan Lucas, Chief Commercial Officer at CirrusHQ commented “We are delighted to be sponsoring this event again this year, which given the impact of COVID-19 only underlines the importance of a Cloud First strategy over traditional approaches. It’s also an honour for us to be partnering with the University of Oxford to deliver one of the main live events featuring our collaboration to bring the University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums to life on the AWS Cloud. CirrusHQ have unrivalled skills and experience helping organisations in the public and private sector unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud – and we are excited to demonstrate this at the event.”

To register for the event please visit the Event website

To read our case study with the University of Oxford please click here

‘Holyrood Connect’ is the latest news, opinion and analysis on technology, public sector IT and the digital world in Scotland. Click here to read the CirrusHQ news feature on our work with the University of Oxford that revolutionised the delivery of the museum’s collections online.

CirrusHQ, the first and only UK Consulting Partner to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification, are delighted that AWS have released an official AWS Podcast featuring the University of Oxford discussing their journey with CirrusHQ to bring their Museums collections online.

The University of Oxford’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums contain some of the world’s most significant collections and CirrusHQ was chosen to provide a solution to take these important catalogues online using AWS.

The podcast features Simon Elisha from AWS interviewing Anjanesh Babu, Systems Architect and Network Manager Gardens and Museum (GLAM) IT from the University of Oxford.

In the podcast we learn how one of the oldest museums in the world moved their collections online and hear from the University about the journey they took with AWS and the benefits a long term close working relationship brings to complex projects.

Daemonn Brody MD at CirrusHQ commented “The University of Oxford’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums is such an invaluable resource to people all over the world and CirrusHQ worked closely, in partnership with the University, to ensure that this project was delivered successfully making use of the capabilities of the AWS cloud to enable this to be an amazing resource for the public.”

Listen to the podcast here

Read our case study here