Weekly News Roundup 12th November 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, as we get closer to re:Invent 2021, including new Backup options for Neptune and DocumentDB, new G5 instances, AWS Resilience Hub, 2 new Single Sign-On providers, and container improvements.


AWS CloudTrail announces error rate insights


AWS CloudTrail has announced a new error rate insights feature, allowing you to identify increased error rates in your application without having to configure thresholds.


AWS CloudFormation Registry announces 34 new resource types


AWS CloudFormation Registry has announced support for 34 new resource types allowing for more resources to be deployed via CloudFormation and controlled with Infrastructure as Code. These new types include resources for AWS Connect, AWS DeviceFar, AWS LightSail and many more.

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker adds retry/resume policies to SageMaker Pipelines


Amazon SageMaker has added support for retry and resume policies to SageMaker Pipelines allowing for more control over deployments when things don’t quite work the first time.

Amazon SageMaker adds new Guardrails for deployments


Amazon SageMaker has announced new guardrails for Inference endpoint deployments, allowing for more controlled deployments using the canary and liner traffic shifting modules, with built-in safeguards and automatic rollbacks.

Amazon Translate adds four new languages


Amazon Translate has added support for four new languages. Irish, Marathi, Portugal Portuguese and Punjabi.

Amazon Translate adds multidirectional custom terminology


Amazon Translate has added support for multidirectional custom terminology, allowing you to control the customisation of named entities such as brand names, character names and more while specifying how they should be translated both to and from a specific language.

Device Farm

AWS Device Farm launches support for testing web applications inside a VPC


AWS Device Farm has added support for testing applications hosted in a VPC (virtual private cloud) by creating a network interface between the device farm and your VPC


AWS adds support for switching Windows Server and SQL Server license types


AWS has added support for switching license types on Windows Server on EC2 and SQL Server, allowing you to change license type while still retaining the application, instance and networking setup through license manager.

AWS EC2 launches new G5 instances with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs


AWS EC2 has launched new G5 instances with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs, allowing for graphics-intensive workloads and machine learning.

Batch Processing

AWS Batch announces fair share scheduling


AWS Batch has added fair-share scheduling to its queues, allowing you to determine how resources are allocated to tasks in a batch queue.


Amazon ECS adds container instance health information


Amazon ECS has added container instance health information, allowing you to query the health of a container runtime directly from the Amazon ECS API

Amazon EKS on Fargate add support for fluent bit Kubernetes filter


Amazon EKS on Fargate has added support for the use of Kubernetes Fluent Bit filters which provide enriched Kubernetes-specific metadata to Fluent Bit logs, allowing users to link up log entries with specific applications.

Amazon EKS Cluster adds additional cluster configuration options to CloudFormation


Amazon EKS has added new cluster configuration options to CloudFormation, allowing you to configure tags, endpoint access control, and control plane logging through AWS CloudFormation.

Amazon ECS adds support for improved capacity providers scaling


Amazon ECS has improved the capacity providers scaling of ECS Clusters, allowing for faster infrastructure changes when using a large number of tasks (>100).


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for Graviton2 instances


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) has added support for launching with Graviton2 instances, bringing increased speed and cost performance.

Single Sign-On

AWS adds support for Jumpcloud Single Sign-on


AWS has added support for single sign-on via the JumpCloud platform, allowing a connection with AWS SSO.

AWS adds support for CyberArk Single Sign-on


AWS has added support for single sign-on via the CyberArk platform, allowing a connection with AWS SSO.

Nimble Studio

Amazon Nimble Studio adds support for testing launch profile configurations


Amazon Nimble Studio has added support for testing launch profile configurations via the nimble studio console.


AWS Backup adds support for Amazon Neptune


AWS Backup has added support for Amazon Neptune, allowing you to create automated periodic snapshots of Amazon Neptune clusters using your centralized data protection policy across the supported AWS services for database, storage, and compute.

AWS Backup adds support for Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)


AWS Backup has added support for  Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), allowing you to centrally manage data protection of your DocumentDB clusters along with other supported AWS services for database, storage, and compute.

AWS Backup adds new resource assignment rules for Data Protection


AWS Backup has added new resource assignment rules, allowing you to select resources using a combination of tags and resource ids to backup and protect your most critical data.

AWS Regions

AWS announces new Canadian Region coming soon in West Calgary


AWS has announced a new West-Calgary region is in development, aiming for launch in late 2023 / early 2024.

Systems Manager and DevOps

AWS Fault Injection Simulator adds support for CloudWatch Alarms and Automation Runbooks


AWS Fault Injection Simulator adds support for CloudWatch Alarms and Automation Runbooks, allowing you to test responses to events, and see what would be triggered during a real failure to ensure you have enough coverage.

AWS announces Resilience Hub


AWS has announced a new product, Resilience Hub, which allows you to define, track, and manage the resilience of your applications. This will discover applications deployed by CloudFormation and Service Catalog and measures RTO and RPO, then provides recommendations for steps to improve.

AWS Security hub adds new FSBP controls and new partners 


AWS Security Hub has added three new controls for its Foundational Security Best Practice standard (FSBP) to enhance customers’ Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).  Security Hub also added two integration partners and one consulting partner, which brings Security Hub up to 73 total partners. The new integration partners include HackerOne and Logz.io and the consulting partner is DFX5.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify adds new observeQuery API for faster real-time data loading


AWS Amplify has added a new observeQuery API for real-time apps allowing Amplify applications to get started quickly while waiting for real-time data to arrive.


Amazon Lex adds support for South African English


Amazon Lex has added support for South African English.


AWS QuickSight adds new IP based access restrictions and more restrictions


Amazon QuickSight adds 4 new admin features including IP-based access restrictions, AWS Service Control Policy-based restrictions, automated email syncing for federated SSO users and bring-your-own-role during QuickSight account sign up.


Amazon SNS adds new token-based authentication for Apple mobile notifications


Amazon SNS has added support for token-based authentication for Apple’s APN notification. Token-based authentication provides stateless communication between Amazon SNS and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), now SNS supports both token-based and certificate-based authentications. Tokens are faster and also remove the need to update the certificate once a year.

Weekly News Roundup 5th November 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some great releases this week, with CloudFront CORS and custom header support, RDS Snapshots cross-account KMS Keys, Deepracer Multi-User support, Managed RStudio on SageMaker, EC2 AMIs being able to be shared in organisations, Secrets Manager getting a limit increase from 40,000 to 500,000, Hadoop support in DataSync and many more.


Amazon CloudFront adds support for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), security, and custom headers to HTTP responses


Amazon CloudFront has added much-requested support for adding CORS, security and custom headers to HTTP responses in CloudFront, allowing for greater customisation of responses at the CloudFront level.

Machine Learning

Amazon Rekognition adds improved celebrity recognition to Rekognition Video


Amazon Rekognition has added support for improvements made to celebrity recognition for Rekognition images to its video service, allowing for easier tagging of celebrities in videos

AWS Deepracer adds multi-user account management


AWS Deepracer has added support for multi-user account management, eliminating the need for separate accounts for Deepracer users

Amazon Sagemaker adds support for inference testing using custom domains and headers


Amazon Sagemaker has added support for testing inference using custom domains and headers, allowing for quicker testing iteration

Amazon Sagemaker announces Fully Managed RStudio


Amazon Sagemaker has announced support for a fully-managed version of RStudio, the popular data science and machine learning IDE for the R Language.

Big Data

AWS Lake Formation now supports AWS Privatelink


AWS Lake Formation has added support for AWS PrivateLink VPC Endpoints allowing you to securely manage access from inside your VPC and on-premise systems

Amazon EMR Studio announces support for connecting to clusters in different subnets


Amazon EMR Studio adds support for EMR clusters in different Subnets, allowing for greater communication between clusters and better separation of clusters.

EC2 Instances / LightSail

Amazon EC2 adds support for sharing Amazon Machine Images across Organisations


Amazon EC2 adds support for sharing AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) across accounts in an Organisation, allowing for easier sharing of snapshots of EC2 Instances for new instance creation.

Amazon LightSail adds support for CloudFormation


Amazon LightSail has added support for AWS CloudFormation, allowing Infrastructure as Code to be used to provision LightSail resources.

Amazon EC2 adds support for connecting to Red Hat Knowledgebase


Amazon EC2 adds support for connecting to Red Hat Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase is a library of articles, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and best-practice guides to help customers solve technical issues. This step now avoids the need to contact AWS premium support to gain access.


AWS App Mesh adds Metric Extension


AWS App Mesh has released a Metric Extension allowing for the collection of metric data across services linked to App Mesh, allowing for greater visibility of how your system is performing.

AWS App2Container now supports ECS Fargate Windows Containers


AWS App2Container, the service for packaging up an application into a container, now supports Windows Containers running on ECS Fargate.


Amazon Redshift adds support for SQLAlchemeny and Apache Airflow


Amazon Redshift has announced native support for SQLAlchecmy and Apache Airflow, allowing for greater control and connectivity in Redshift

Amazon RDS adds support for cross-account KMS keys for snapshots


Amazon RDS adds support for cross-account KMS Keys for snapshots, eliminating the need for snapshots to be re-encrypted by the target account’s KMS key when sharing a snapshot of a database.

Amazon Database Activity Streams now support Graviton2 based instances


Amazon Database Activity Streams for Aurora now support the Graviton2 base instance types allowing for performance increases and cost savings.

AWS RDS Outposts adds support for exporting database logs to Amazon CloudWatch


AWS RDS Outposts now support the offloading of RDS logs to Amazon CloudWatch, allowing for centralised collecting of logs for analysis.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis adds support for CloudFormation


Amazon MemoryDB for Redis has added support for AWS CloudFormation, allowing the creation of resources to be done via Infrastructure as Code.


AWS Lambda adds support for cross-account Images from Elastic Container Registry


AWS Lambda has added support for cross-account container images from the Elastic Container Registry, allowing for a centralised approach to storing images in ECR.


AWS Secrets Manager increases secrets limit from 40,000 to 500,000


AWS Secrets Manager has increased the number of entries that can be stored per account from 40,000 to 500,000.

Amazon DevOps Gura extends coverage to Amazon EKS metrics


Amazon DevOps Guru has added coverage to Amazon EKS clusters, allowing for the monitoring of Kubernetes deployments within DevOps Guru.

AWS Security Hub adds support for AWS Privatelink


AWS Security Hub adds support for AWS Privatelink VPC Endpoints, allowing for private access to Security Hub APIs without having to traverse the internet.


AWS DataSync adds support for Hadoop based storage to AWS Storage Service migrations


AWS DataSync has added support for migrating data stored on Hadoop based storage (HDFS) into AWS services, such as S3, EFS or FSx for Windows.


AWS SAM adds support for popular CI/CD pipelines and systems


AWS SAM has added support for creating CI/CD pipelines for popular systems such as CloudBees CI/Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, and AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify adds support for new data management capabilities


AWS Amplify has added support for new data management capabilities within the Amplify admin, simplifying creating and managing your data in Amplify, and allowing for more realistic demo data that is quickly shareable.


AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN now supports managed over the air updates for firmware


AWS IoT Core for wireless devices that use low-power long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) technology to connect to the AWS Cloud, has added support for over the air updates to Firmware.


Amazon Pinpoint adds in-app messaging


Amazon Pinpoint has added support for in-app messaging allowing customers to design and preview message templates to be shown to end-users.

Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager adds new APIS for route analysis


AWS Transit Gateway has added support for new Network Manager APIs to get information about the network such as resources, health status, routes and allows for route analysis of the Transit Gateway network.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect Chat adds real-time message streaming


Amazon Connect Chat has added new real-time message streaming through APIs to enable customisable experiences.


Amazon Simple Email Service launches new console experience


Amazon SES has launched a new console experience with a redesigned interface with a simpler, more intuitive way to create and manage their resources, collect sending activity data, and monitor reputation health

Quantum Ledger Database

Amazon QLDB adds a new version of QLDB Shell


Amazon Quantum Ledger Database has launched a new version of the QLDB Shell that is easier to install and use.

Weekly News Roundup 29th October 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some really nice launches this week including IP addresses in CloudFront headers, Bablefish for using SQL Server with Aurora Postgres, Bottlerocket in EKS, Windows Containers in Fargate, new EC2 instances, SAM Accelerate for cloud based testing and more.


Amazon CloudFront announces Client IP address, Connection port information now available in headers


Amazon CloudFront has added a long-requested feature to add Client IP, and Connection information into headers for CloudFront, allowing for more targeted filtering of requests.


AWS adds new Strategy Recommendations to streamline migration and modernisation



AWS has added some new Strategy Recommendations to the AWS Migration Hub to help choose how to migrate and modernise your applications.


AWS announced BugBusting challenge for re:Invent


AWS has announced a new challenge for re:Invent 2021 to help make bug busting history with the AWS BugBusting Challenge.


Amazon Pinpoint adds Ten-Digit Long Code (10DLC) vetting


Amazon Pinpoint has added support for verifying the US-based Ten-Digit Long Code (10DLC) system, allowing for increased throughput on message sending from applications


Amazon QuickSight adds incremental refresh to SPICE datasets


Amazon QuickSight has added support for incremental refreshes to its SPICE data sets (the Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) allowing for small changes to be updated without having to reload all of the data

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker Autopilot adds support for time-series data


Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, the automatic process for building training and tuning models based on your data, now supports time-series data, allowing for more use cases such as anomaly detection, risk assessment or fault prediction.

AWS adds new EC2 instances powered by Gaudi Accelerators for Deep Learning Model Training


AWS has added new EC2 instances, powered by Gaudi Accelerators, allowing for better Deep Learning models with many layers to run on hardware optimised specifically for this use case.

Amazon Textract adds support for TIFF files and Expense and Invoice Processing


Amazon Textract has added support for TIFF Files and autonomous submission and recognition of expense files and invoices

Zones and Regions

AWS Opens new Local Zones in Las Vegas, New York and Portland


AWS has opened new Local Zone regions in Las Vegas, New York and Portland


Route 53 Adds support for disabling reverse DNS lookups


AWS Route 53 has added support for disabling reverse DNS lookups when the enableDnsHostnames setting is enabled, allowing for forwarding of all reverse DNS queries to another service, such as on-premise Active Directory

Systems Manager and DevOps

AWS Systems Manager adds support for custom cutoff behaviour for tasks


AWS Systems Manager has added support for custom behaviour to allow for tasks designed to run during maintenance windows, allowing you to decide what happens with tasks when the cutoff time is reached

AWS Global Accelerator adds new CloudWatch Metrics


AWS Global Accelerator adds 2 new metrics to monitor the total number of health endpoints and the total number of unhealthy endpoints being served by the accelerator


AWS SAM adds new accelerate function for faster code testing


AWS SAM, the Serverless Application Model has added a preview of AWS SAM Accelerate, a new tool in the SAM CLI allowing for testing of changes made locally against a cloud-based environment, allowing developers to see if their changes work more than just locally.

AWS Elemental

AWS Elemental MediaLive adds support for Nielsen watermarking


AWS Elemental MediaLive has added support for adding Nielsen’s proprietary watermarks in your MediaLive channel


AWS IoT SiteWise adds support for the same asset models across different hierarchies


AWS IoT SieWise has added support for different models in the asset hierarchy to be reused across sites, allowing for simplification of setting up your industrial data collection from equipment

EC2 Instances

AWS EC2 adds spot placement scoring


AWS has added a new scoring system for spot instance placement, allowing you to figure out where the best region or availability zone is for your spot placement and launching there first, where there is availability

AWS launches new C6I EC2 instances


AWS has launched new C6I instances powered by the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors

AWS adds new EC2 instances powered by Gaudi Accelerators for Deep Learning Model Training


AWS has added new EC2 instances, powered by Gaudi Accelerators, allowing for better Deep Learning models with many layers to run on hardware optimised specifically for this use case.


Amazon EKS Node Groups now supports Amazon Bottlerocket


Amazon EKS has added support for BottleRocket, the minimal Linux-based Operating System, which is designed specifically for running containers. Bottlerocket can now be run on worker nodes,  giving customers an Operating System with minimal overhead for running their containers

AWS Fargate adds support for ECS Windows Containers


AWS Fargate has launched support for ECS Windows Containers, allowing customers to run containers based on Windows for applications that require a Windows Operating System to run.


AWS launches Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL


AWS has launched Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, the query service for allowing PostgreSQL based Aurora databases to understand T-SQL, the Microsoft SQL Server query languages, allowing users to migrate over to Aurora from SQL Server without having to rewrite any of their queries.

Amazon DocumentDB adds new JDBC Driver


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for a JDBC driver, allowing connectivity from BI tools such as Tableau

Amazon Document DB adds geospatial capabilities


Amazon DocumentDB has added support for storing, querying and indexing Geospatial data, allowing for 2dsphere indexes and proximity querying.

Amazon DocumentDB adds support for more MongoDB APIs


Amazon DocumentDB has added more compatibility with MongoDB by adding $literal, $map, and $$ROOT support.

Amazon DocumentDB adds support for Access Control with User-Defined roles


Amazon DocumentDB has added support for access control with user-defined roles. With user-defined roles, you can grant users one or more custom roles that determine which operations they are authorized to perform.

AWS adds Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle with new control capabilities


AWS has added support for RDS Custom for Oracle, which allows administrators to access and customise the database environment and operating system on Oracle RDS deployments, which is normally an area reserved for managed uses, allowing for Oracle deployments that require specialised customisations to the environment to be migrated to AWS

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime adds push notifications support to the SDK


Amazon Chime has announced support for Push Notifications to be sent through the Chime SDK, allowing for integrations with Chime to send notifications out to users

Amazon Chime adds Phone Call Recording


Amazon Chime has announced support for recording of phone calls made in Chime through the Chime SDK

Weekly News Roundup 22nd October 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including VSCode on the web, S3 events can now trigger a Glue Crawler update, .Net Porting Assistant can now port MVC, WCF and OWIN apps, Workspaces API can now create images, CloudFront is now an option in the AWS Pricing Calculator and more.

VS Code.dev launches in-browser code editor


Visual studio launches a lightweight in-browser version of VS to allow for local development no matter of developers location or low tier computing specifications. Projects can be accessed directly from the local machine allowing cloud-based storage to be utilised to its full advantage.

AWS Launches Distributed Load Testing v2.0


AWS has released a new version of their reference architecture and Distributed Load Testing solution to load test applications at scale. Version 2 supports historic data to be viewed from previous test runs including testing configuration, data and results. Existing VPCs can now be utilised to load test from within the network hosting the application, and pull container images directly from ECR.

AWS Glue Crawlers now supports S3 Event Notifications


AWS Glue Crawlers allows for schemas to be discovered and defined by scanning data across a data set, and populating the data directly into Glue Catalog. Up until now, Glue scans for data across either an entire S3 bucket to identify new files which have been identified since the last periodic scan, and update the Catalog to match. Now, AWS Glue is able to update the Data Catalog by utilising S3 Events to dynamically receive notifications on new, altered and deleted data within the S3 bucket.

AWS Porting Assistant for .net adds support for WCF, OWIN, and System.Web.Mvc application assessment and porting


AWS Porting Assistant for .NET adds support for applications developed with System.Web.Mnc. WFC and OWIN for porting those applications over to be hosted on AWS.

FreeRTOS adds support for symmetric multiprocessing


FreeRTOS, the Real-time operating system for microcontrollers adds support in the kernel for Symmetric Multiprocessing, allowing for tasks to be scheduled across multiple identical processor cores.

Amazon KeySpaces announces support for TTL Data Expiration


Amazon Key Spaces (Apache for Cassandra), is a fully managed, highly available and scalable Apache Cassandra database. AWS has implemented functionality to allow data expiration/retention to be automatically removed based on Time to Live (TTL) settings. TTL settings can be specified based on insert and update commands, or at the default value at the table level.

Amazon Workspaces API Receives Image Creation Capabilities


Amazon Workspaces is a desktop virtualisation service that allows for windows machines to be accessed directly through the browser. Previously, image management including updating the image was a manual step required to roll out patched images to the Workspace environment. Now, engineers can automate this functionality by utilising the Workspaces Image Creation API.

PostgreSQL 14 RC 1 Released to RDS Database Preview Environment


PostgreSQL Version 14, RC 1 has been released to Amazon RDS Database Preview Environment (DPE). DPE allows for new versions of PostgreSQL to be beta-tested before full release to production environments, this environment is for development and testing only.

AWS Data Exchange for RedShift Released


AWS Data Exchange simplifies finding, subscribing and using third party data in the cloud. Using the Data Exchange API, third party data can be extracted and loaded directly into S3. This data can then be analysed using a wide variety of analytics of machine learning AWS Servies. Now, Exchange data can be loaded into and analysed by Redshift to simplify analytics with SQL Query support.

CloudFront Released to AWS Pricing Calculator


Estimating CloudFront usage and pricing has always lacked functionality from AWS to simplify the process and gather ballpark figures of the associated CloudFront cost. AWS has announced CloudFront is now available within the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate cost based on the region where data is stored.

AWS Enhanced System Manager Fleet Manager Reporting


AWS System Manager (SSM) Fleet Manager provides a centralised view of all EC2 instances within an AWS Region, and this new update adds filtering options to allow you to manage different instance types easier and generate reporting based on specific filtering to provide targeted reporting.

Amazon adds security and critical updates to Amazon Corretto


AWS has released quarterly security and critical updates for Amazon Corretto Long-Term Supported (LTS) versions for the OpenJDK compatible release.

AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter adds support for bulk editing OpsItems


AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter has added support for the bulk editing of OpsItems allowing you to perform actions against multiple operational work items (OpsItems) at the same time

Amazon Chime SDK adds support for business logic to be run against incoming messages


Amazon Chime SDK has been updated to allow the execution of business logic on in-flight messages before they are delivered to members of a messaging channel with channel flows. Using channel flows allows you to remove data before the messages are delivered, allowing for the removal of data such as IDs, Phone Numbers or profanity.

AWS Panorama Appliance launches into General Availability for Computer Vision at the edge


AWS has launched the Panorama Appliance, allowing for computer vision tasks to be performed on a device where you need it to be physically located. The Appliance is designed to deploy in your network allowing for analysis of images provided by on-premise cameras.

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics launches support for encryption with KMS Keys


Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics allows you to use Canary scripts to monitor your endpoints and APIs from the outside in with simple scripts that run on a schedule. The data used by these scripts can now be encrypted by using KMS keys

Amazon QuickSight launches improvements to tables and pivot tables


Amazon QuickSight, the data visualisation application has added new enhancements to tables and pivot tables, with enhancements such as design patterns, customisable borders and colours, hyperlinks on table visuals, images within table cells and content alignment and wrapping.

AWS Security Hub adds cross-region support


AWS Security Hub has added support for cross-region aggregation of Security findings allowing you to monitor and manage all security findings in one place rather than having to look at each region individually.

AWS Fault Injector now supports Spot Interruption


AWS fault Injector now supports simulation of Spot Interruptions, allowing you to see what would happen to your application if a Spot Instance went away while you were using it, allowing you to figure out how to deal with this situation if it ever happened in your production workload

Amazon Chime SDK adds Video Blur


The Amazon Chime SDK has added support for Video Blur, which runs locally on the user’s browser, allowing for the user’s background to be obscured while using the video processing APIs in the Chime SDK

AWS Amplify adds resumable file uploads


AWS Amplify has added support to their javascript file upload for resumable file uploads to better support uploads when there are interruptions in the network connection

Amazon RDS Proxy now supports MySQL version 8.0


Amazon RDS Proxy, the service for proxying connections to Amazon RDS, reducing the number of open connections required by reusing connections has released support for MySQL version 8.0

Weekly News Roundup 15th October 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including CloudFormation Application Management in Systems Manager, Vault Lock for AWS Backup, the release of CDK8s, the CDK for Kubernetes and Fraud Detector new features and price reductions.

AWS releases CloudFormation application management via AWS Systems Manager


AWS has released functionality to manage CloudFormation Applications via AWS Systems Manager, allowing users to gather operational metrics, logs, alerts, and cost information for deployed applications.

AWS releases Vault Lock for AWS Backup


AWS Backup can now lock backups now to prevent any user from deleting their backups or changing their specified retention periods and have an additional layer of data protection

Amazon Workmail expands Mobile Device Access Rules


Amazon Workmail has added a new Mobile Device Access Override API (MDOA) that allows customers to adjust existing MDARs, either manually through the CLI, or in an automated fashion when using a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool.

Amazon Connect Tasks is now HIPAA eligible


Amazon Connect Tasks allows contact centre managers to prioritize, assign, track, and automate customer service tasks across the disparate applications used by agents. Connect Tasks is now HIPAA eligible and can be used for Protected Health Information (PHI).

AWS Marketplace adds support for viewing, cancelling and extending contracts for Professional Services


AWS Marketplace has added support for Marketplace Sellers to now view agreements, cancel offers, and extend offer expiration dates for Professional Services from the AWS Marketplace.

NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB now supports importing for sample data


NoSQL Workbench for Amazon DynamoDB has added support for importing sample data to allow you to design, visualise and query your DynamoDB tables, allowing you to design the tables in an optimal way before adding actual data in.

Amazon Fraud Detector now support Event Datasets


Amazon Fraud Detector has added support for Event Datasets to allow for retraining and updating of Fraud Detection models without having to upload new data to S3

Amazon Fraud Detector announces up to 56% price decrease


Amazon Fraud Detector announces price reductions for Amazon Fraud Detector, allowing for cost savings of up to 56%.

Amazon Fraud Detector adds new Transaction Fraud Insights Model


Amazon Fraud Detector has launched a new model called the Transaction Fraud Insights model, a low-latency fraud detection machine learning (ML) model specifically designed to detect online card-not-present transaction fraud.

AWS CDK releases CDK for JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, .NET and Go (v1.121.0 – v1.125.0), with support for faster development and hot-swap deployments


AWS CDK has released new versions of the Cloud Development Kit with support for faster iteration and hot-swap deployment for Lambda Functions

CDK8s – CDK for Kubernetes is now generally available


AWS has released CDK8s, the Cloud Development Kit for Kubernetes to general availability.

AWS Console Mobile Application now supports AWS ECS


Amazon Console Mobile Application has added support for monitoring Elastic Container Service resources in the iOS and Android app.

AWS FPGA Developer kit adds supports for Jumbo Frames on EC2 instances


The AWS FPGA Developer kit contains development and runtime tools to develop, simulate, debug, compile and run hardware-accelerated applications on F1 instances. The AWS FPGA Developer Kit now supports using jumbo frames to get the maximum allowed networking bandwidth for the instance delivering up to double the networking performance.

Amazon Quicksight SPICE now supports up to 500m rows or 500GB of data


Amazon Quicksight has doubled the capacity of its SPICE offering, the Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine. Now, all new SPICE datasets can accommodate up to 500 million rows (or 500GB) of data in the Enterprise Edition and 25 million rows (or 25GB) for Standard Edition.

Amazon SageMaker Projects CI/CD adds support for building Docker Images


Amazon SageMaker Projects has added CI/CD templates for building Docker images used in training, processing, and inference.

Amazon VPC Flow Logs adds support for Parquet, Hive-compatible prefixes and Hourly partitioned files


Amazon VPC Flow Logs can now be delivered in the Apache Parquet format and can be named in a way that is Apache Hive Compatible. Files can also now be hourly partitioned as well as daily.

AWS Outposts adds new CloudWatch Dimension for Capacity Monitoring


AWS Outposts has added new dimensions for monitoring capacity within Amazon CloudWatch by adding the Account Dimension.

Amazon CodeGuru adds new reviewer detectors for AWS Java SDK v2’s best practices and features


Amazon CodeGuru has added new review detectors for AWS Java SDK v2, with best practices and features to identify where best practices can be improved and any potential bugs or changes recommended in Amazon CodeGuru

AWS Batch Console adds support for visualizing AWS Step Functions workflows


The AWS Batch Console has added support for visualizing AWS Step Functions and integrating AWS Batch into AWS Step Functions.

AWS Network Load Balancer adds support for TLS 1.3


AWS Network Load Balancer has added support for TLS 1.3, allowing for updated security for encrypted traffic.

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler adds Amazon Athena Workgroups, feature correlation, and customer-managed keys


Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler has added new features for working with Amazon Athena Workgroups, new feature correlation visualisations and support for AWS KMS Customer Managed Keys.

AWS RoboMaker adds support for Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based simulation jobs


AWS RoboMaker, the service to simulate robotics applications at cloud scale, now supports GPU based simulation jobs for compute-intensive simulation workloads.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is now available in 11 additional regions


Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is now available in 11 additional regions. These are US East (Ohio), US West (N. California, Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (London, Stockholm), and Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Amazon EC2 now supports describing Auto Scaling Groups by Tag


Amazon EC2 adds support for describing Auto Scaling Groups directly by Tag in the AWS CDK and AWS CLI services.

Weekly News Roundup 8th October 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some great releases this week including updates to AWS Backup Audit Manager, VMWare SDDC for AWS Outposts and AWS Firewall manager rules.

AWS Lambda Powertools released as public Lambda Layer


AWS Lambda Powertools have been released as a public Lambda Layer, simplifying their inclusion in Lambda functions.

Amazon EC2 Hibernation support extended to Ubuntu 20.04


Amazon EC2 Hibernation support has been extended to include Ubuntu version 20.04.

AWS Licence Manager adds Delegated Administrator Managed Entitlements


AWS Licence Manager has released support for delegating entitlements for software licence management to other accounts, allowing for easier management of entitlements in linked accounts.

Amazon releases Workspaces Cost Optimizer v2.4


Amazon has released v2.4 of their Amazon Workspaces Cost Optimizer, allowing for better recommendations on whether hourly or monthly pricing works better for your use case on Workspaces.

Amazon CodeGuru adds Java recommendations powered by Infer


Amazon CodeGuru has added new recommendations for Java applications powered by the open-source project Infer.

Amazon CodeGuru adds python security detectors powered by Bandit


Amazon CodeGuru has added new python security detectors powered by the open-source tool Bandit.

AWS Outposts now supports VMWare SDDC Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) as a fully managed service


AWS and VMWare have released a new offering of VMWare Software-Defined Data Center as a fully Managed Service for AWS Outposts.

AWS Firewall Manager releases support for centralised logging of network firewall logs


AWS Firewall Manager has released support for centralised logging of network firewall logs, allowing for easier support and maintenance of Network Firewalls.

Amazon Location Service adds Change Detection functionality


Amazon Location Service has added support for filtering updates based on distance, allowing for changes within certain parameters to be ignored, such as movement of less than 30m.

Amazon OpenSearch adds cross-cluster replication


Amazon OpenSearch (previously Amazon ElasticSearch) has added support for cross-cluster replication.

AWS Backup Audit Manager releases new reporting functionality


AWS Backup Audit Manager has released functionality to produce compliance reports detailing how your Backup data matches up to your Data Compliance needs.

AWS Backup Audit Manager now supports CloudFormation


AWS Backup Audit Manager now supports deployment via CloudFormation allowing for the standardization of deployment of your Audit requirements on any accounts required.

Amazon EC2 Capacity Fleet Reservations releases support for migration across instance types


Amazon EC2 Capacity Fleet Reservations now supports moving your Capacity Reservations over to new instance types, allowing for easier migration to newer instances when they are released.

AWS Transfer Family now supports S3 Access Point Aliases


The AWS Transfer Family suite of tools now supports using S3 Access Point Alisiases, which simplify destination S3 buckets and the associated permissions to use those buckets.

Amazon EMR now supports Spark SQL updates to Hive metadata tables using Apache Ranger


Amazon EMR now supports using Apache Spark SQL to update Apache Hive metadata tables when using Amazon EMR integration with Apache Ranger.

AWS Network Firewall adds configuration Options for Rule Ordering and Default Drop


AWS Network Firewall has added the ability to have rules evaluated in the precise order specified, allowing for Drop rules to be run before all other rules have been evaluated.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds database decoupling


AWS Elastic Beanstalk has added the ability to decouple RDS databases from the environment, allowing for environments to be updated or rolled out without affecting the RDS Instance

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler adds Data Visualisation steps


Amazon SageMaker has added new Data Visualisation tools to allow users to perform a data preparation workflow, including data selection, cleansing, exploration, and visualization from a single visual interface.

AWS Lambda now supports IAM authentication for Amazon MSK sources


AWS Lambda now supports access to Amazon MSK clusters via IAM authentication when triggered via Amazon MSK queues.

Amazon Personalize releases new recipe for recommending similar items


Amazon Personalize has released a new recipe for recommending similar items based on customer user data.

Amazon SageMaker adds Fast File mode for High-Performance data access


Amazon SageMaker has released a new Fast File mode for High-Performance data access via streaming from S3 without having to download the file first.

Amazon Kendra releases support for 34 languages


Amazon Kendra has released support for 34 languages for keyword-based search over documents and FAQs

Amazon QuickSight releases support for pixel-perfect dashboards


Amazon QuickSight releases support for free-form layouts which provide authors with precise, pixel-level control over the size and placement of visual elements on QuickSight dashboards, including support for overlapping content.

Amazon Chime releases customisable media capture to the Amazon Chime SDK


Amazon Chime has released features for the Amazon Chime SDK allowing developers to customise how they capture media via the SDK.

Amazon Lex adds progress updates to requests


Amazon Lex has added functionality to add in-progress updates while processing requests, you can now directly configure the bot to inform the user about the progress with messages such as “We are working on your request. Thank you for your patience.”

Weekly News Roundup 1st October 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. A huge update this week with lots of amazing launches and features that can make a huge difference. From a new Cloud Control API for managing resources to Lambda Graviton2 arm support to Step Functions now supporting over 200 services. There’s something here for everyone this week.

AWS Announces Cloud Control API


AWS has announced a new Cloud Control API, providing a set of common API capabilities to manage their cloud infrastructure in a consistent manner, allowing users to manage all of their resources from a consistent API.

Hashicorp Announces Cloud Contol Provider Tech Preview

Announcing Terraform AWS Cloud Control Provider Tech Preview

Following on from the AWS Cloud Control API, Hashicorp has released a Cloud Control Provider that will be able to automatically discover new launches from AWS.

Amazon launches new Amazon Genomics CLI


Amazon has launched a new Genomics CLI to allow researchers to process genomics data at petabyte scale. This new CLI allows researchers to provision cloud infrastructure and work through genomics workloads quicker.

Amazon launches new Global View for EC2 and VPC to see resources in all regions


Amazon has released a new EC2/VPC Global view feature in the AWS Console that allows users to see all of their EC2 instances, VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups in one single screen, allowing users to see where they have launched resources without having to go through each region individually.

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus is now Generally Available


Amazon has released their Managed Service for Prometheus, allowing users to monitor containerised applications at scale without having to manage underlying compute resources.

AWS Lambda launches Graviton2 based functions for up to 34% better price-performance


AWS Lambda has launched support for Graviton2 processors, allowing arm based functions to be run on Lambda, providing benefits both in cost and performance over existing x86 workloads.

AWS Step Functions now supports over 200 AWS Services


AWS Step Functions has released an update that now supports over 200 AWS services, up from the original 17 services, allowing for much more integrations to be created glueing services together.

AWS launches solution to validate IAM policies in CloudFormation


AWS has launched a solution to allow for IAM roles and policies to be validated within CloudFormation templates, including the ability to validate these as part of a CI/CD program and allow for automatic validation and rollback during deployment.

AWS Launches Microsoft Windows Server 2022 images


AWS has launched new Microsoft Windows Server 2022 AMIs (Amazon Machine Images).

Amazon Elasticache Redis autoscaling now available in 17 regions


Amazon Elasticache for Redis has released autoscaling capabilities for clusters in 17 regions, allowing for automatic scaling of Redis clusters to provide better responsiveness.

Amazon SageMaker launches Lifecycle configurations for customisable SageMaker Studio configurations


Amazon SageMaker has launched new lifecycle configurations to provide hook points when creating new SageMaker Studio instances, allowing for customisation of the software installed as an example.

AWS Storage Gateway simplifies Tape Management


AWS Storage Gateway has released new features to make it easier and faster for you to search, view, and manage your virtual tapes stored in AWS using Tape Gateway

AWS IoT Device Defender launches Alarm Verification states


AWS IoT Device Defender launches new Alarm Verification states, allowing users to verify an alarm as True positive, Benign positive, False positive, or Unknown and provide a description of their verification

Amazon Connect launches 3 new capabilities, Wisdom for knowledge search, Voice ID for voice authentication and High-Volume outbound campaigns


Amazon Connect has launched 3 new capabilities. Wisdom allows for knowledge base searches using natural language queries allowing agents to find the information they need quickly to answer a customer’s question. Voice ID allows for authentication of incoming customers, and High-Volume outbound campaigns can now set the rate at which calls are made to outbound customers.

AWS Backup simplifies recovery point deletions


AWS Backup has released new features to simplify the deletion of point in time backups that are no longer required.

Amazon EMR launches support for terminating idle EMR Clusters


Amazon EMR has launched support for the termination of idle EMR Clusters automatically, allowing for unutilised resources to be terminated to save costs.

AWS launches new security automations in v3.2


AWS has launched new security automation with version 3.2, including IP retention on Allowed and Denied IP sets/

AWS Launch Wizard now supports Always-On Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Linux


AWS Launch Wizard has launched support for Always-On Microsoft SQL Servers running on Red Hat Linux.

AWS Device Farm launches support for Microsoft Edge testing


AWS Device Farm now supports tests to be run on the Microsoft Edge browser in its mobile testing application.

Amazon Redshift launches Query Editor v2 for web-based query authoring


Amazon Redshift has launched a new Query Editor for web-based query authoring, allowing users to create queries for Amazon Redshift in a user-friendly and powerful environment.

Amazon RDS launches support for Amazon Redshift federated queries from Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon RDS for MySQL databases


Amazon RDS has launched support for Amazon Redshift to use MySQL endpoints for both Aurora and RDS MySQL databases as sources for federated queries in Amazon Redshift.

Amazon ECR launches support for public containers launching directly in AWS App Runner


Amazon ECR has launched support for public containers to be automatically launched directly into AWS App Runner.

Amazon Comprehend adds new Trusted Advisor checks


Amazon Comprehend has added new Trusted Advisor checks to monitor for underutilized endpoints and endpoints with permission issues.

AWS Data Exchange adds support for third-party data update automatic exports


AWS Data Exchange has announced support for automatic exports of third-party data whenever there is an update, allowing for a more automatic data process.

AWS announces AWS Snowcode SSD


AWS has announced new Snowcone Devices that are available with 14TB SSD drives for transferring data into AWS in a cost-effective manner.

AWS Lambda announces support for triggering Lambdas from SQS Queues in another account


AWS Lambda has launched support for triggering Lambdas from an SQS in another account from the one the Lambda is based in, allowing for cross-account functionality and allowing workloads in one account to trigger a Lambda in another.

AWS SageMaker launches new JumpStart for multi-modal financial analysis tools


AWS SageMaker has launched new JumpStart solutions for multi-modal financial analysis.

AWS Fargate launches solution for monitoring clock time using ECS


AWS Fargate has launched a new solution for monitoring the clock time on AWS ECS Services using the Amazon Time Sync service to ensure all tasks are running with the correct time and aren’t lagging behind, which could cause issues for specific tasks.

AWS IoT Core releases feature to make providing trust chain in just-in-time provisioning optional


AWS IoT Core has released functionality to allow for IoT devices to optionally not provide the full SSL trust chain on the first connection, simplifying the connection of existing devices to the IoT services.

AWS Amplify releases Amplify GEO


AWS Amplify has released Amplify GEO, which enables frontend developers to quickly add location-aware features to their web applications, and is built on top of the Amazon Location Service.

Amazon SES releases support for 2048-bit DKIM records


Amazon SES has release support for 2048-bit DKIM records, allowing for greater security when ensuring emails have come from the domain they say they have.

Amazon Monitron releases iOS app


Amazon Monitron has released a new iOS app, allowing for easier monitoring and response to potential failures in industrial equipment.

Weekly News Roundup 24th September 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. A big week this week with announcements including a new region for New Zealand, lots of QuickSight updates, Elastic Beanstalk dynamic instance types, AWS WAF gets in-line regex support, the GameLift Unity plugin has been release and lots more.

AWS announces new region in the works for New Zealand


AWS has announced plans for a new region in New Zealand to be launched in 2024.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces dynamic instance type selection


AWS Elastic Beanstalk has announced support for dynamic instance type selection, to allow for choosing instances by size rather than a specific type.

AWS releases new architecture icons


AWS has released new Architectural Icons for creating diagrams with AWS Services.

Amazon QuickSight releases new natural language business intelligence tool


Amazon QuickSight has released a new natural language tool for asking questions of your data in QuickSight.

Amazon Macie releases Managed Data Identifiers


Amazon Macie release new Managed Data Identifiers for selecting which types of PII information should be flagged.

Amazon Connect releases feature to add purchase history to customer profiles


Amazon Connect has released a new feature for adding Purchasing History to customer profiles to track their purchases for reference during calls.

AWS Service Catalog releases AppRegistry link to AWS Systems Manager


AWS Service Catalog has released a feature for using AppRegistry within Systems Manager to provide an end-to-end application management experience.

AWS OpenTelemetry releases Tracing support


AWS OpenTelemetry, the AWS Supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project has launched support for tracing via AWS X-Ray and other monitoring services.

Read about AWS Cloud Builders careers and personal growth


AWS has released a blog post on a number of Cloud Builders detailing their careers and personal growth while building on AWS.

AWS WAF releases in-line regular expressions


AWS WAF has released support for in-line regular expressions in WAF rules rather than having to create a regular expression set separately.

Amazon DynamoDB releases granular audit control for logging streams


Amazon DynamoDB has released support for granular audit controls when monitoring logging streams by filtering CloudTrail entries when logging.

AWS IoT Device Defender releases one-click auditing


AWS IoT Device Defender launches new support for one-click auditing of individual devices.

Amazon EC2 Fleet releases Instant Mode with on-demand capacity reservations


Amazon EC2 fleets, the service for deploying EC2 images at scale now supports on-demand capacity reservations, allowing for instance launches of instances.

Amazon Lex releases utterance statistics


Amazon Lex has released support for utterance statistics, allowing you to track how people are using your lex application and tailor it more specifically to how people are using it.

Amazon EMR Studio launches support for Multi-Language Jupyter notebooks for spark workloads


Amazon EMR Studio has launched support for multi-language Jupyter notebooks for spark workloads.

Amazon SageMaker Studio launches support for interactive spark data processing notebooks


Amazon SageMaker Studio launches support for interactive spark data processing applications using Jupyter notebooks, allowing for interactive queries on your data without having to spin up full models to explore.

AWS Ground Station launches license accelerator


AWS has announced Licensing Accelerator for Ground Station, allowing businesses looking to use AWS Ground Station and Satellites access to resources for obtaining spectrum licences to smooth the often complex process of obtaining a licence to operate.

Amazon ECR launches support for replicating individual repositories to other accounts and regions


Amazon ECR launches support for replicating individual Elastic Container Registry repositories to other accounts and regions.

AWS launch tool for Advert Verification with machine learning and AWS Inferentia


AWS has launched a new solution for verifying Adverts using machine learning and AWS inferentia instances.

Amazon SageMaker AutoPilot launches new metrics for classification problems


Amazon SageMaker launches new metrics for classification problems, allowing you to better select the type of model you want to run based on AutoPilot’s recommendations.

AWS Site-to-site VPN launches new download configuration additions


AWS Site-to-Site VPN launches new addition configuration details for more types of endpoints.

Amazon Comprehend launches model management enhancements


Amazon Comprehend launches new model management enhancements that allow you more control over the natural language processing models being used in your comprehend resources.

Amazon Detective launches support for S3 and DNS


Amazon Detective launches support for S3 and DNS based findings to expand the potential security events that can be detected using the service.

AWS launches GameLift Unity plugin and new CloudFormation templates for common uses


AWS has announced the general availability of the Unity GameLift plugin and CloudFormation templates for the common ways Unity can interact with other Amazon services

AWS RoboMaker launches support for container images in simulations


AWS RoboMaker has announced container support for simulating robotics applications at cloud scale.

Amazon QuickSight launches Dataset-as-a-source


Amazon QuickSight launches Dataset-as-a-source, allowing you to launch new insights on datasets created from existing datasets and combining them to provide new ways to gather insights on data.

Amazon MSK launches multiple authentication modes


Amazon MSK has launched support for multiple authentication modes allowing you to move seamlessly between different authentication modes at different stages using modes such as mutual TLS, SASL SCRAM, or IAM Access Control.

Weekly News Roundup 17th September 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including new Instance Types for Aurora and RDS, new API tools for Parallel Cluster, a new command-line tool for Redshift and more.

Amazon Braket launches new verbatim compilation mode


Amazon Braket, the Quantum Computing solution has launched a new verbatim mode, allowing for code to be executed as-is without any modification such as code optimisation to allow users to know exactly what code has run.

AWS ParallelCluster announces Cluster Management support via API Gateway


AWS Parallel Cluster has announced support for Cluster Management calls to be done via the API Gateway

Amazon Aurora launches support for new T4g instance types


Amazon Aurora has launched support for the new T4g instance type, which provide a baseline performance with burst capability to increase performance

Amazon Aurora launches support for new X2g instance types


Amazon Aurora launches support for the new X2g instance types which provide the highest memory per vCPU at the lowest cost per GiB of memory for Amazon Aurora

Amazon EC2 launches new VT1 instances for Video Transcoding


Amazon EC2 launches new VT1 instance types specifically designed for Video Transcoding.

Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 adds autoscaling timeout


Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 adds an automatic timeout setting for scaling, for situations when the scaling should increase or decrease but Aurora is unable to find a good period for the scaling to happen, so you can either stay as-is or force the change through.

AWS launches AWS Health Aware


AWS launches AWS Health Aware that will gather together organization and personal Health Alerts and can integrate with platforms such as Teams and Slack to provide updates

AWS CodeBuild launches support for smaller ARM-based instances


AWS Codebuild launches support for using instances with 2 vCPU units as CodeBuild instances, down from the existing 8 vCPU requirements for when you don’t need as much computing power, such as when you just need to zip up your codebase for deployment and change a few parameters.

Amazon Contact Lens adds new language support


Amazon Contact Lens adds both post-call and real-time analytics support for 3 new languages, Korean (South Korea), Japanese (Japan), and Mandarin (Mainland China). In addition, 5 languages, French (Canada), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), German (Germany), and Italian (Italy), that were already supported for post-call analysis, are now also supported for real-time analytic

Amazon SES now supports up to 40MB attachments


Amazon SES now supports emails with up to 40Mb to be sent through the secure email service.

Amazon CodeGuru reviewer adds severity fields and CWE (Common Weakness Enumerations) tags to GitHub reviews


Amazon CodeGuru reviewer adds new tags and severity fields to its GitHub review page, allowing for filtering and sorting of issues that need to be looked at.

AWS Firewall Manager now supports WAF rate-based rules


AWS Firewall Manager now supports the addition of WAF rate-based rules, allowing for blocking of excessive traffic from single sources

Amazon Transcribe adds support for removing Personally Identifiable Information in streaming transcriptions


Amazon Transcribe adds support for the removal of PII from streaming transcriptions as well as static transcriptions

Amazon Redshift launches rsql command-line tool for querying Redshift clusters


Amazon Redshift launches the new rsql command-line tool to connect to an Amazon Redshift cluster, describe database objects, query data, and view query results in various output formats.

Amazon Comprehend launches support for extracting entities in native format


Amazon Comprehend launches support for extracting data such as tables and text from documents in the native format of the document, so you can now extract tables, lists and more without having to first convert the file to plain text, so you can now use PDFs and Word documents and more.

AWS IQ program expands to UK and France


AWS has expanded its IQ program, which allows for consultants to provide services directly to customers, to the UK and France.

AWS Activate Program launches new Build on AWS program


AWS has launched Build on AWS, a new offering from AWS Activate designed to help startups build their infrastructure on AWS in minutes. Build on AWS is a collection of infrastructure templates and reference architectures covering a wide variety of solutions curated specifically for startups

Amazon Cloudwatch Application Insights launches application auto-discovery and new health dashboard


Amazon Cloudwatch Application Insights launches new application auto-discovery and a new Health Dashboard to allow monitoring and alerting on your applications.

AWS RDS launches support for X2g Instance Type


AWS RDS launches support for the new X2g instance types which provide the highest memory per vCPU at the lowest cost per GiB of memory for RDS

AWS RDS launches support for T4g Instance Type


AWS RDS has launched support for the new T4g instance type, which provide a baseline performance with burst capability to increase performance

AWS RDS launches support for R5b Instance Type


AWS RDS has launched support for R5b DB instances, which support up to 3x the I/O operations per second (IOPS) and 3x the bandwidth on Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) compared to the latest x86-based memory-optimized DB instances.

Amazon Coretto 17 now available


Amazon Coretto, the production-ready implementation of OpenJDK has launched version 17 and is now available for use on AWS

Amazon launches Amazon MSK Connect for managed Apache Kafka Cluster connections


Amazon has launched Amazon MSK connect for managing Apache Kafka Clusters and is a managed version of Kafka Connect, which allows you to configure and deploy a connector using Kafka Connect with a just few clicks

Weekly News Roundup 10th September 2021

Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including the launch of CodeGuru inconsistency detection, EKS Anywhere becoming Generally Available, EventBridge launching cross-account schema discovery, Systems Manager launching external Calendar support and more.

Amazon Neptune now supports searching by non-string data types


Amazon Neptune has added new features to search the built-in indexing by new data types such as numbers and dates as well s the full-text search currently supported

Amazon EventBridge launches cross-account schema discovery


Amazon EventBridge has launched support for discovering event schema on other linked accounts to automatically register them in the EventBridge Schema register, to allow you to programmatically use the event schema in your integrations

Amazon CodeGuru reviewer launches support for inconsistency detection in code


Amazon CodeGuru code reviewer has launched a new feature that can detect inconsistencies in repositories, such as a missing check that would normally be present, typos and missing API calls.

AWS Systems Manager launches support for integrating third-party calendars


AWS Systems Manager has launched support for importing third-party calendars to allow users to see events that might affect particular instances, such as knowing you have a promotion coming up that will increase traffic, so maintenance during this period should be avoided.

Amazon Detective launches Splunk Integration


Amazone Detective has launched support for a Splunk integration as part of the Splunk Trumpet Project that allows you to pass Amazon GuardDuty findings into splunk and create a profile to get at the root cause of issues quicker

Amazon EKS Anywhere is now Generally Available


Amazon EKS Anywhere has now launched into General Availability out of preview. This service allows for Kubernetes clusters to be created and managed on-premise while operated from the AWS management console

AWS Marketplace now supports AMI Aliases


AWS Marketplace now supports aliases for AMIs purchased on the Marketplace. This allows a unique identifier to be used in the deployment process and that ID will resolve to the region-specific AMI for that product.

Amazon ElasticSearch service is now Amazon OpenSearch and supports OpenSearch 10


Amazon ElasticSearch has now rebranded to Amazon OpenSearch and now supports OpenSearch 10. This release does require one update to any existing Service Control Policies to allow the new naming convention. API methods have been added for Open Search, but existing calls to elastic search will continue to work.

Amazon OpenSearch Service now support Dashboard Notebooks


Amazon OpenSearch (previously Amazon ElasticSearch as per above) adds support for OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks, allowing users to interactively and collaboratively develop reporting backed by live data and queries.

Amazon RDS SQL Server now supports MSDTC JDBC XA distributed transactions


Amazon RDS SQL Server now supports the MSDTC JDBC XA transaction type. This means customers using SQL Server 2017 CU16+ and SQL Server 2019 can now enable the XA option and start using distributed transactions from the JDBC connection.

Amazon Lex now supports the Korean language


Amazon Lex has added support for the Korean language in its Lex conversation service.

Amazon EC2 instances get network bandwidth boost


Amazon EC2 has increased instance bandwidth from within an AWS Region towards an Internet Gateway, Direct Connect or another region. Previously capped at 5 Gbps per instance, current-generation EC2 instances that have 32 vCPUs or higher can now drive higher bandwidth of up to 50% of instance network bandwidth to these destinations. For e.g. c5n.9xlarge has an instance network bandwidth of 50 Gbps; with this launch, it can drive 25 Gbps to Internet Gateway, Direct Connect and other AWS regions.