Expert AWS Cloud Optimisation: The Well-Architected Review

Cloud optimisation from CirrusHQ comes in the form of an AWS Well-Architected Review. helping to identify cost savings, improve application performance, and reduce security risks in your AWS environment.

What is Cloud Optimisation?

Cloud optimisation involves eliminating cloud resource waste and ensuring the right resources to a workload or application are selected and allocated in order to boost performance. When workload performance, compliance, and cost are correctly and continually balanced against the best-fit infrastructure in real time, efficiency is achieved.


This is where cloud optimisation from CirrusHQ Cloud experts comes in – find out more about our AWS well-architected review and how it can benefit your business.

Keep Your Cloud Optimised and Secure With an AWS Well-Architected Review

We understand that staying up to date with the pace of AWS innovation can be a challenge and requires expert knowledge and a set of best practices to get the most out of your architecture.


Our AWS Certified Solutions Architects and Well-Architected Ambassadors leverage their expertise to undertake a deep-dive review into the performance of your existing AWS workloads. We then recommend how these workloads can be re-architected so that they adhere to best practices and meet your business goals.


From this we develop an action plan with you, to carry out recommended remediations.  Once a plan is agreed we will also assist you in applying for $5000 of AWS service credits from AWS to offset the costs of CirrusHQ carrying out the improvement or remediation work.


A simple-to-understand and streamlined cloud migration strategy that will help you to perform a complete digital transformation.


Expert guidance and assistance when managing data in the cloud to ensure that you do not lose any important data.


Regular updates to meet the latest market trends, as well as implementing proactive strategies and ideas.

Save Time &

Professional cloud management can help you save time and money that can be invested elsewhere in your business.

Why Do I Need an AWS Well-Architected Review?

Perhaps you haven’t carried out a health-check of your workloads since they were launched (AWS recommends you conduct a review every 12-18 months). Maybe you want to take advantage of one or more of the hundreds of services AWS introduce every year – services your in-house teams may not yet be able to deploy. Or, maybe you think your workloads are costing more than they should and are looking for better value for your spend. Whatever the reason, the Review can create a business case for re-architecting your workloads and can revolutionise how the AWS Cloud works for you.

If you’re interested in a Well-Architected Review, done by the first and only UK-based Consulting Partner to hold the Well-Architected Framework certification as well as the AWS Education Competency, then contact us now so we can arrange a time that best suits you to discuss this further.

Download “5 reasons you need a Well-Architected Review“.

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Here at CirrusHQ, we are proud to be AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider partners and the only UK-based partners to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification. So we are industry-leading partners who want to help and support your organisation.


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At CirrusHQ, the implementation of our services and the experience is core to our mission. We take pride in delivering at the highest standards and this dedication is reflected in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) – our customers rank us as excellent, giving us an NPS of +82.


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