CirrusHQ can help you deliver on your need for pace and quality in the design and delivery of new capabilities, either by supporting your existing in-house teams or with a fully-managed DevOps service.

Breaking Down The Silos Between IT Innovation and The Business

DevOps is an approach that replaced traditional ‘waterfall’ development with an agile business-driven development methodology. Utilising ‘scrums’ for rapid iterations of new applications, it enables organisations to innovate faster and with greater quality and reliability. CirrusHQ uses template-driven ‘infrastructure as code’ techniques to rapidly spin up new instances of an application for development and testing. Our DevOps implementation standardises infrastructure provisioning and is delivered either as Continuous Delivery Engineering or as Cloud Solution Engineering.

Cloudformation Specialists: Building Infrastructure as Code as Standard

Unlocking the potential of your workload on AWS starts with AWS CloudFormation. Building your entire infrastructure landscape using infrastructure as code ensures repeatability when deployments are needed, removal of human-error, tools to manage “drift” on builds and remove unplanned/unwanted changes to your workloads. Having code driven infrastructure from AWS CloudFormation allows you to benefit from capturing your key variables and make clean and targeted updates with efficiency. Speak to CirrusHQ to unlock the real power of the service.


A simple-to-understand and streamlined cloud migration strategy that will help you to perform a complete digital transformation.


Expert guidance and assistance when managing data in the cloud to ensure that you do not lose any important data.


Regular updates to meet the latest market trends, as well as implementing proactive strategies and ideas.

Save Time &

Professional cloud management can help you save time and money that can be invested elsewhere in your business.

Continuous Delivery Engineering: Accelerating Innovation

We help businesses automate the testing and release of code into production, bringing greater consistency and quality to the development process and allowing them to benefit from faster and more regular release times. We support Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approaches and have considerable in-house expertise in delivering automated testing and code deployment, enabling your business to move to an agile model where deployments can safely be made tens or hundreds of times per day.

Cloud Solution Engineering: Rapid Implementation of Production Applications and Insight

We can help customers design, build and deploy environments at scale with the right tools and applications, supplementing in-house skills or managing the responsibilities of the DevOps services in your business as required. Our solutions architects will apply their expert understanding of the AWS environment to rapidly build, test and deploy production solutions that hit your sweet spot in terms of security, affordability and performance.

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Discover the Benefits of Working With CirrusHQ

Highly Accredited Consultants

Here at CirrusHQ, we are proud to be AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider partners and the only UK-based partners to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification. So we are industry-leading partners who want to help and support your organisation.


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Highly Experienced

Our combination of brilliant business strategy knowledge, 14 years of experience and technology expertise will help you to simplify and streamline your cloud migration and digital transformation.


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Our Care For Our Customers

At CirrusHQ, the implementation of our services and the experience is core to our mission. We take pride in delivering at the highest standards and this dedication is reflected in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) – our customers rank us as excellent, giving us an NPS of +82.


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