Landing Zone

Establish governance, best practices, security and access management for your growing accounts on AWS

Why Build a Landing Zone on AWS?

CirrusHQ’s Landing Zone product utilises our vast experience and AWS best practices to build your secure AWS multi-account landscape from the ground up, building out governance within your AWS accounts.

Building the foundations of your AWS governance and security when adopting AWS is a core building block to sustain and grow your Educational establishment utilising best practice. Creating a Landing Zone tailored to your organisation must be your first critical step in your AWS journey. If you already have a cloud presence, applying a landing zone to improve your posture on an existing AWS footprint is never too late.

Undertaking the right approach can be complex, especially when dealing with technical debt, strain on resources, and pace of technology change. Gaining control is paramount to success and CirrusHQ experts can provide the capabilities and governance you need on AWS.

AWS Landing Zone Accelerator from CirrusHQ

The Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS solution deploys a cloud foundation that is architected to align with AWS best practices and multiple global compliance frameworks. With this solution, customers with highly regulated workloads and complex compliance requirements can better manage and govern their multi-account environment.

Controlling your AWS landscape can be complex, but establishing a Landing Zone on AWS will drive change in your capabilities to manage and govern AWS.

Our experienced Solutions Architects will set up key workshops to drive understanding in what key configurations you require within your governance. This will establish a defined plan to ensure you gain the benefits of our CirrusHQ Landing Zone or the capabilities of the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator solution. These include:

– Centralised control of AWS accounts, and streamlined AWS account setup
– Centralised cost management and billing
– Configurations and control on all accounts tailored to workload types and environments
– Access controlled, least privileges enabled, and aligned to your policies
– Network setup, control all traffic and routing from the outset
– Security, monitoring, and centralised logging
– Documentation and training as standard

All deliverables are deployed using Cloudformation, ensuring a repeatable solution and removal of human error.

Contact us to explore how a Landing Zone Accelerator can benefit your Educational establishment and how to build out your infrastructure or migrations within these guardrails.