On-Demand Webinar

Title: Tackling the massive complexity of production Machine Learning

Presenter:  Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon

Date: 24th March 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ and presented by Ed Shee, Head of Developer Relations at Seldon.

As an early Machine Learning practitioner working with a small number of models it was easy to think that wrapping a model in an API was all that was needed. Since then, having worked with customers that deploy thousands of models at scale, Ed realised quite how naive that worldview was. The road to MLOps best practice is long, hard and poorly defined… In this talk Ed covers the mistakes he made, what he learned along the way, and how DevOps principles are bleeding over into the field of ML.

Ed, having previously led a tech team at IBM and now Head of Developer Relations at Seldon, Ed comes from a cloud computing background and is a strong believer in making deployments as easy as possible for developers. With an education in computational modelling and an enthusiasm for machine learning, Ed has blended his work in ML and cloud native computing together to cement himself firmly in the emerging field of MLOps.


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Title: Event-Driven Architecture: Routing Billions of Events with EventBridge

Presenter:  Luc van Donkersgoed AWS Hero and Lead Solution Software Engineer

Date: 3rd February 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ, we are delighted to have Luc van Donkersgoed, AWS Hero, who is a subject matter expert in building Event-Driven Architecture at PostNL which is the Dutch national postal service.

In the last few years PostNL have seen enormous growth in the area of parcel delivery, combined with a strong increase in competitors and their skills. Their ambition is to be your favorite delivery company, and to achieve that goal they need to innovate. Innovate like crazy.

Central to this innovation is the event-driven integration between the many teams responsible for getting a parcel to your doorstep: when a parcel is first registered, that’s an event. When it arrives at a sorting center, that’s an event. When a truck is delayed, that’s an event. When the delivery driver delivers the package to your neighbours, that’s an event. Each of these events needs to be processed by zero, one or more consumers. The delivery and structure of these events needs to be reliable, new events should be added to the system seamlessly, and event consumers should be able to discover and receive any event they require.

This is a challenge at any scale – but it’s an extreme challenge at PostNL, who are processing 1.100.000 parcels every day, leading to 6 billion events per month. And they only expect these numbers to grow.

In this talk Luc will present a secure, reliable and elastic solution for event routing at scale, built on EventBridge, API Gateway, Lambda, S3 and the CDK. Luc will deep dive on topics like security, cost, integration and monitoring. Lastly, we will look at areas of improvement, such as latency, cost efficiency, and reducing the number of components and services used..

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In a recent AWS EMEA Public Sector Partner Executive Briefings, John Newson, Senior Manager, Public Sector Partners, UK&I, AWS was in conversation with Mohammed Shiffa, IT Manager Infrastructure & Applications at Nottingham College.

Nottingham College is one of the largest further education and higher education colleges in the United Kingdom. Based in the city of Nottingham in England, it provides education and training from pre-entry through to university-degree level at its 10 centres in the city and around Nottinghamshire. Nottingham College has over 23,000 students and 1400 staff. 

Shiffa discussed the impact of a cyber attack on the college, which occurred earlier this year in 2021. He also explains how working with AWS and CirrusHQ helped stop the sophisticated attack in time and reverse detrimental effects. As quoted by Shiffa, this successful failure was not only from intercepting the cyber attack in a timely manner but coming out stronger from the experience with a stronger security posture.

Shiffa also explains the key benefits gained from working with CirrusHQ as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and with AWS Education competency; it was not only CurrusHQ’s experience and expertise which helped address an inhouse skills gap within the college for such a situation, but also support a short and longer term IT strategic plan for their digital transformation.



Watch the fireside chat click here.


Also read the case study on how AWS and CirrusHQ transform a cyber-attack into a positive outcome for Nottingham College Click here

CirrusHQ are pleased to announce our first webinar event for the Edinburgh DevOps Group since recently taking responsibility of managing the group.

With over 1,400 members the Edinburgh DevOps Group has provided dozens of exciting and informative meet-ups and webinars which we look forward to continuing.

The Edinburgh DevOps Group is for people interested in shipping software faster, removing constraints from within their organisation and developing empathy between development and operations. It is also a group for members to discuss the technologies and processes that can be used to build a successful DevOps culture within their organisations. Follow Edinburgh DevOps Group on twitter @EdinDevOps (https://twitter.com/EdinDevOps)!



The webinar provides two DevOps bitesize presentations:

1. History and future trends of Cloud Costs

Presenter – Hassan Khajeh-Hosseini, co-founder and CEO at Infracost.io

A quick look at the evolution of cloud costs and cloud cost management over the last 10 years, why they are starting to shift left and what we could expect in the future.

15 mins talk, 15 mins demo followed by a Q&A.


2. DevOps vs MLOps

Presenter – John Walker, AWS APN Ambassador, Solutions Architect, Professional Services Team Lead at CirrusHQ

A look at current DevOps practices and what that looks like for Machine Learning applications, and how the different needs of a Machine Learning pipeline change the requirements for DevOps.

15 mins talk,  15 mins demo followed by a Q&A.


You are invited to a hands-on AWS Immersion Day webinar – a technology deep-dive into the concepts of Serverless Computing, and how those ideas and capabilities can enable your business to focus on development, not operating servers.

Also all attendees will be included in a prize draw to win an Amazon Echo Show 8.

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The workshop experience is delivered by CirrusHQ, a leading Specialist AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and supported by AWS Solutions Architects.

The webinar will lead you through Serverless use cases, demonstrating how Serverless adds value using Lambda, API Gateway and Step Functions, and practically explaining the difference between ‘on-premise’ services and ‘Managed Serverless’ cloud solutions.  You have the option to either ‘Watch & Learn’, or participate in a hands-on ‘Serverless Lab’ experience using AWS services to build and deploy Serverless AWS solutions.

Seats are limited, so join us.

  • ‘Watch & Learn’, or request a seat to the hands-on ‘Serverless Lab’ feature* (with access to an AWS lab account on the day)
  • Learn the difference between ‘on-premise’ and ‘Managed Serverless’ cloud solutions, with use cases demonstrating how Serverless adds value using Lambda, API Gateway and Step Functions
  • Ask questions and gain support from AWS and CirrusHQ Solutions Architects
  • Date: 21st April 2021 Time: 1.30 pm– 5.30 pm

The webinar will explain how you can leverage AWS Serverless Computing to build scalable, high availability applications faster. Serverless can also eliminate the time and expense associated with provisioning and managing servers, including patching and configuration, administering databases, installing security updates and scaling.

Lab 1: Introduction to Serverless and Building a Serverless Web Application
  • What Serverless entails
  • Creating a static website using serverless
  • User Signup Process
  • Using AWS Amplify to deploy Static Website and related assets
  • Use of DynamoDB and Lambda for a Serverless Backend
  • Use of Amazon API Gateway as a REST API
Lab 2: Image Processing and Facial Detection using Amazon Rekognition
  • Using Lambda to process images, including resizing and sending to AWS Rekognition
  • Use AWS Rekognition for:
    • Face Detection
    • Detecting if the same person has uploaded multiple images
    • Facial features detection, such as detecting multiple / no people in photos, is the user wearing sunglasses
  • Using AWS Step Functions to orchestrate the processing of Lambda functions in order and with logic
  • Storing persistent data about uploaded photos using DynamoDB

Following the webinar, attendees will better understand how Serverless can enable their organisation to improve operational efficiency, refocus engineering resources on product innovation, and establish faster time-to-market.

* For the Lab sessions: you will need a basic familiarity with the AWS console, and setting up AWS services.

CirrusHQ, are a leading Specialist AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a focus on Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services for the private and public sectors.

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