How The University of Westminster deliver courses remotely with AWS & CirrusHQ

How The University of Westminster utilised Amazon AppStream 2.0 to securely deliver graphical compute-intense courses remotely.




The University of Westminster has three main campuses in central London and a student base of around 20,000. The university has been actively progressing their use of Public Cloud to continue to adopt and adapt to suitable and sustainable services.

As part of adapting to challenges surfacing from the COVID pandemic, the Information Systems and Support (ISS) Department undertook a small proof of concept (PoC) to test and validate the Amazon AppStream 2.0 service. During this review they were able to realise the benefits of delivering key applications to any computer without the need for provisioning and operating the hardware.



The University of Westminster worked with CirrusHQ, a leader of consultancy services on AWS within Education, to provide a tailor-made version of the AWS Partner Guided Onboarding (GO) Program delivered virtually to the team.

The GO program by AWS enables customers to have a dedicated set of workshops to deliver one of six education aligned workloads on AWS. An AWS Consulting Partner walks through this process with the customer on-site with further support for a month while they try out the service. This was a great fit for the University of Westminster to continue to trial the solution, extend the outcomes and success criteria, ‘free of charge’ by AWS via CirrusHQ.



As a result of the Program and Solution that CirrusHQ provided to the University of Westminster, they now have an integrated AppStream joined seamlessly and securely to their network. They shared this knowledge further within the University to share greater knowledge of the benefits of AppStream as a result.

This successful solution proves how end-users can now gain access to critical applications, with the right licenses, and not be bound by the hardware within the campus. The benefits of flexibility will ensure ongoing semesters can be completed, minimising any further impact from the global pandemic and provide greater options once a ‘new normal’ resumes.


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