CirrusHQ & AWS User Group Edinburgh Certification Special

CirrusHQ & AWS User Group Edinburgh Certification Special

CirrusHQ are a Specialist AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who focus purely on the Amazon Cloud. Specialising in Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services, our unrivalled skills and insights into AWS Cloud Solutions enables both small and enterprise businesses in the public and private sector, to unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud.


The AWS User Group Edinburgh are a group of over 1,000 individuals from all sectors, and all levels of AWS experience, who have a shared interest in AWS technology and meet regularly in Scotland. The group hosts several events and meetings a year, which have gone virtual following the pandemic. Speakers at events have been from companies using AWS as well as from Amazon, with talks primarily covering the technical aspects of AWS services, featuring real-world use cases.


On Thursday 22nd October 2020 over 60 members attended a Virtual Meet Up hosted by CirrusHQ. James Lucas (CEO), Muhil Vannan (Technical Lead) and John Walker (Solutions Architect Team Leader) – who each have both the AWS Professional Solutions Architect and DevOps certifications – presented a session which covered the basics of getting AWS certified, talked about how to prepare and study, and provided a few personal insights and tips.



There were enthusiastic questions from the audience throughout the event and a set of test questions for the participants!


For anyone with an interest in starting their journey with AWS certifications, this was a great event.


If you want to read more about AWS Certifications: click here to read more on the AWS website


If you want to know more about the AWS User Group Edinburgh, click here

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CirrusHQ & AWS User Group Edinburgh Certification Special