FastStart AWS Proof-Of-Concept Service

Helping organisations innovate faster and safer on the AWS Cloud.

What is An AWS Proof-Of-Concept?

An AWS Proof-of-Concept will introduce your organisation to the benefits of an AWS Cloud migration without any of the potential risks and with minimal spending. Test your ideas, assumptions, and costs in isolation on a much smaller scale in order to verify the functionality of deploying your applications to the cloud.


CirrusHQ FastStart was designed by CirrusHQ in cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you develop and prove your concept on AWS. We can help you apply for AWS funding programs in order to underwrite the cost of the program.

Realise Your Potential With Rapid Concept Deployment To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Accelerate your journey to AWS with our tailor-made solution, allowing you to access how different AWS solutions can fit into your organisation. Providing a Proof of Concept approach enables a fully working solution to be built and tested, removing complexities and distractors for fast-paced results.


With the help of CirrusHQ’s cloud funding from AWS, many organsiations have learned how to get more value from the cloud in a risk-free and low-cost environment – through our CirrusHQ FastStart Program.

Transformation At Speed

By working with an experienced AWS partner, you can quickly and efficiently get your workload on AWS and gain valuable insights. This partner will help you align the workload to meet the specific needs of your organization, increasing the chances of success. Additionally, you can trial a product on AWS without any obligations, with fast delivery and customization to fit your unique requirements.

Out of the Box Service

AWS-funded and available for educational and non-profit organisations, the CirrusHQ FastStart service provides workshops and consultancy leading to the design and building of a preferred workload to help accelerate AWS adoption.



CirrusHQ will also as part of the service, assist you to apply for AWS funding to support development and cost of delivery.

As an outsourced and low-cost-low risk proof-of-concept service, the lack of internal resources or funds should not be a reason to hold back innovation.


Organisations from education, humanitarian, finance, and community associations have benefited from CirrusHQ’s FastStart, as a low-risk platform to test concepts and services and ultimately help their organisations.

How it Works

Program Setup & Design

To ensure success with your workload, you can choose from one of our workload products. We will assist you in establishing detailed success criteria and help you apply for AWS funding to support development and delivery costs. Additionally, we will work with you to agree on a pricing model that fits your needs.


Build & Deployment

To bring your solution to life, we will build it for you. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the solution, we will conduct a team workshop to go through it in depth.


Trial Period

If extra assistance is needed, an additional workshop is available. During the trial period, you will have four weeks of hands-on access to test your solution with support. There is also the potential for funding to cover the costs of running your account during this time.

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