Lauren Gray and what makes her tick!

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Lauren Gray, a PA by title, but an admin superhero and organisational guru by trade.

The people that make CirrusHQ the AWS partner to trust

We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Advanced Consulting and Channel partner, but there is more to life at CirrusHQ than cloud technologies and AWS systems. Of course, our talented technical types make up the lion’s share of our team. As with any business, someone is needed to manage all the important administration tasks, processes, documentation and look after our people whilst they look after all of our clients.

In this series of articles, we will introduce you to the people behind the technology. These are the people that make CirrusHQ the business it is, delivering an unrivalled service that our clients trust. The first into the spotlight is Lauren Gray, a PA by title, but an admin superhero and organisational guru by trade. Here, she takes us through how she began her career in cloud technology and what her day-to-day life looks like:

Q – What is your role at CirrusHQ?

A – My official title is PA but, I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. I fill the gaps, I pitch in, and I help to make things happen. 

On a day-to-day basis, I assist our directors Jan and James in managing their diaries, taking minutes in meetings, and overseeing HR processes such as payroll or annual leave, but my role extends far beyond that. For me, no day is ever the same, and I love that I get to offer my assistance in all areas of the business, and work with such a broad range of people.

For example, I also manage industry webinars for Amazon user groups on a fortnightly basis and oversee the onboarding process for new recruits. Plus, it’s my responsibility to implement a robust induction plan to ensure swift integration for all new team members.

Q – What attracted you to CirrusHQ?

A – When I joined CirrusHQ, the business was undergoing a period of huge growth, and there rapidly became a need to get someone into the team who could organise and be able to provide a better point of contact between senior management and the technical teams working with our clients.  

Because there was no one solely focussing on business administration when I joined, I was able to make the job my own. The management team were extremely encouraging, they listened to my recommendations and gave me the time and space to carve out a space for myself that could really deliver what both they, and the wider team needed in terms of business support.

Q – What is the best thing about working with CirrusHQ?

A – I love so many things about my job, but the fact that I am learning so much has been great. I get to sit in on a lot of meetings, which means I’m frequently exposed to technical language which could have been a little intimidating, if it wasn’t for the support of the business. I have been encouraged to achieve my first certification, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, so that I can grow my understanding of AWS, the cloud, and the work that we do for our clients.

Having something to work towards really spurs me on, but also, on a professional level, it makes me so much more helpful in meetings and allows me to communicate more effectively with the wider team. Working for a company that recognises the importance of development, not just for technical practitioners, means a lot, and makes sure that everyone on the team feels valued for what they bring to the business.