Weekly News Roundup 1st October 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. A huge update this week with lots of amazing launches and features that can make a huge difference. From a new Cloud Control API for managing resources to Lambda Graviton2 arm support to Step Functions now supporting over 200 services. There’s something here for everyone this week.

AWS Announces Cloud Control API


AWS has announced a new Cloud Control API, providing a set of common API capabilities to manage their cloud infrastructure in a consistent manner, allowing users to manage all of their resources from a consistent API.

Hashicorp Announces Cloud Contol Provider Tech Preview

Announcing Terraform AWS Cloud Control Provider Tech Preview

Following on from the AWS Cloud Control API, Hashicorp has released a Cloud Control Provider that will be able to automatically discover new launches from AWS.

Amazon launches new Amazon Genomics CLI


Amazon has launched a new Genomics CLI to allow researchers to process genomics data at petabyte scale. This new CLI allows researchers to provision cloud infrastructure and work through genomics workloads quicker.

Amazon launches new Global View for EC2 and VPC to see resources in all regions


Amazon has released a new EC2/VPC Global view feature in the AWS Console that allows users to see all of their EC2 instances, VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups in one single screen, allowing users to see where they have launched resources without having to go through each region individually.

Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus is now Generally Available


Amazon has released their Managed Service for Prometheus, allowing users to monitor containerised applications at scale without having to manage underlying compute resources.

AWS Lambda launches Graviton2 based functions for up to 34% better price-performance


AWS Lambda has launched support for Graviton2 processors, allowing arm based functions to be run on Lambda, providing benefits both in cost and performance over existing x86 workloads.

AWS Step Functions now supports over 200 AWS Services


AWS Step Functions has released an update that now supports over 200 AWS services, up from the original 17 services, allowing for much more integrations to be created glueing services together.

AWS launches solution to validate IAM policies in CloudFormation


AWS has launched a solution to allow for IAM roles and policies to be validated within CloudFormation templates, including the ability to validate these as part of a CI/CD program and allow for automatic validation and rollback during deployment.

AWS Launches Microsoft Windows Server 2022 images


AWS has launched new Microsoft Windows Server 2022 AMIs (Amazon Machine Images).

Amazon Elasticache Redis autoscaling now available in 17 regions


Amazon Elasticache for Redis has released autoscaling capabilities for clusters in 17 regions, allowing for automatic scaling of Redis clusters to provide better responsiveness.

Amazon SageMaker launches Lifecycle configurations for customisable SageMaker Studio configurations


Amazon SageMaker has launched new lifecycle configurations to provide hook points when creating new SageMaker Studio instances, allowing for customisation of the software installed as an example.

AWS Storage Gateway simplifies Tape Management


AWS Storage Gateway has released new features to make it easier and faster for you to search, view, and manage your virtual tapes stored in AWS using Tape Gateway

AWS IoT Device Defender launches Alarm Verification states


AWS IoT Device Defender launches new Alarm Verification states, allowing users to verify an alarm as True positive, Benign positive, False positive, or Unknown and provide a description of their verification

Amazon Connect launches 3 new capabilities, Wisdom for knowledge search, Voice ID for voice authentication and High-Volume outbound campaigns


Amazon Connect has launched 3 new capabilities. Wisdom allows for knowledge base searches using natural language queries allowing agents to find the information they need quickly to answer a customer’s question. Voice ID allows for authentication of incoming customers, and High-Volume outbound campaigns can now set the rate at which calls are made to outbound customers.

AWS Backup simplifies recovery point deletions


AWS Backup has released new features to simplify the deletion of point in time backups that are no longer required.

Amazon EMR launches support for terminating idle EMR Clusters


Amazon EMR has launched support for the termination of idle EMR Clusters automatically, allowing for unutilised resources to be terminated to save costs.

AWS launches new security automations in v3.2


AWS has launched new security automation with version 3.2, including IP retention on Allowed and Denied IP sets/

AWS Launch Wizard now supports Always-On Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Linux


AWS Launch Wizard has launched support for Always-On Microsoft SQL Servers running on Red Hat Linux.

AWS Device Farm launches support for Microsoft Edge testing


AWS Device Farm now supports tests to be run on the Microsoft Edge browser in its mobile testing application.

Amazon Redshift launches Query Editor v2 for web-based query authoring


Amazon Redshift has launched a new Query Editor for web-based query authoring, allowing users to create queries for Amazon Redshift in a user-friendly and powerful environment.

Amazon RDS launches support for Amazon Redshift federated queries from Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon RDS for MySQL databases


Amazon RDS has launched support for Amazon Redshift to use MySQL endpoints for both Aurora and RDS MySQL databases as sources for federated queries in Amazon Redshift.

Amazon ECR launches support for public containers launching directly in AWS App Runner


Amazon ECR has launched support for public containers to be automatically launched directly into AWS App Runner.

Amazon Comprehend adds new Trusted Advisor checks


Amazon Comprehend has added new Trusted Advisor checks to monitor for underutilized endpoints and endpoints with permission issues.

AWS Data Exchange adds support for third-party data update automatic exports


AWS Data Exchange has announced support for automatic exports of third-party data whenever there is an update, allowing for a more automatic data process.

AWS announces AWS Snowcode SSD


AWS has announced new Snowcone Devices that are available with 14TB SSD drives for transferring data into AWS in a cost-effective manner.

AWS Lambda announces support for triggering Lambdas from SQS Queues in another account


AWS Lambda has launched support for triggering Lambdas from an SQS in another account from the one the Lambda is based in, allowing for cross-account functionality and allowing workloads in one account to trigger a Lambda in another.

AWS SageMaker launches new JumpStart for multi-modal financial analysis tools


AWS SageMaker has launched new JumpStart solutions for multi-modal financial analysis.

AWS Fargate launches solution for monitoring clock time using ECS


AWS Fargate has launched a new solution for monitoring the clock time on AWS ECS Services using the Amazon Time Sync service to ensure all tasks are running with the correct time and aren’t lagging behind, which could cause issues for specific tasks.

AWS IoT Core releases feature to make providing trust chain in just-in-time provisioning optional


AWS IoT Core has released functionality to allow for IoT devices to optionally not provide the full SSL trust chain on the first connection, simplifying the connection of existing devices to the IoT services.

AWS Amplify releases Amplify GEO


AWS Amplify has released Amplify GEO, which enables frontend developers to quickly add location-aware features to their web applications, and is built on top of the Amazon Location Service.

Amazon SES releases support for 2048-bit DKIM records


Amazon SES has release support for 2048-bit DKIM records, allowing for greater security when ensuring emails have come from the domain they say they have.

Amazon Monitron releases iOS app


Amazon Monitron has released a new iOS app, allowing for easier monitoring and response to potential failures in industrial equipment.