Weekly News Roundup 23rd July 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including the ability to add IP Address Ranges to single EC2 instances, Automated Pipelines in AWS SAM and an Amazon Athena Power BI Connector to directly query Athena from the desktop

AWS Launches ability for EC2 instances to be assigned IP Prefixes


AWS launches a feature to allow a single EC2 instance to be assigned a prefix range of IP addresses, allowing for a full range of IP addresses to be directed to the single instance, allowing for example thousands of containers to run on the same instance.

AWS Launches Automatic Deployment Pipelines via AWS SAM


AWS has launched new Automatic Deployment Pipelines for AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) that allows you to generate GitHub, GitLab and Jenkins deployment pipelines directly from the AWS SAM CLI tool.

AWS details ways they are helping EU customers navigate GDPR and Data Protection Rules


AWS has detailed in a blog post the methods and initiatives they are using to help customers navigate the current rules around Data Protection in the EU such as GDPR.

Read Gartner’s DevOps Secrets for Success

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020 | Mumbai, India

Gartner predicts that through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change. In this article, they provide tips to avoid failed DevOps initiatives.

Amazon Athena announces Power BI Data Connector


Amazon Athena now supports a Power BI Desktop Data Connector, allowing for querying, and analysis of data in S3 or Data Lakes directly from Power BI.

AWS Chime SDK adds media capture pipelines for the capture of Meeting Video, Audio and Content


The AWS Chime SDK now supports capturing Meeting Video, Audio and Content via media capture pipelines

Learn how to use AWS Config Conformance packs with Quick Setup to enable cross organisation config conformance


AWS has detailed how to use AWS Config Quick Setup to deploy Conformace Packs across your entire organisation structure to allow for a standard set of rules to be enforced on all your AWS Accounts

AWS Launches EC2 based RHEL instances with MS SQL Server support


AWS has launched new Red Hat Enterprise Linux images with support for running Microsoft SQL Server.

AWS Demonstrates a simple file manager UI for EFS


AWS has authored a blog showing a solution for creating a simple UI as a File Manager to interface directly with EFS volumes.

AWS EC2 now supports custom time windows for scheduled events


AWS EC2 instances now support a defined time window for infrequent events such as stops or reboots to deal with underlying hardware issues, so reboots and stops can be done during a defined time window.

AWS Demonstrates Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM


AWS has authored a blog post detailing a cloud SIEM from Sumo Logic powered by AWS.

Amazon Healthlake is now Generally Available


Amazon Healthlake, the healthcare specialised Data Lake is now out of preview and in General Availability.