Weekly News Roundup 3rd September 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including the very welcome CloudFormation update and retry feature, S3 Intelligent Tiering cost improvements, EFS gets Intelligent Tiering, VPC routing enhancements, the General Availability launch of Managed Grafana, S3 Multi-Region access points and more.

AWS CloudFormation now supports quick retry and update from point of failure


AWS CloudFormation has released a new feature set for updating and retrying templates that have failed to deploy. This time-saving feature allows you to fix issues in the template, the parameters or external to the template and retry them from the point the template got to rather than having to redeploy earlier successful resources.

Amazon EC2 Image Builder now supports Amazon EventBridge triggers


Amazon EC2 Image Builder pipelines can now be triggered based on EventBridge events, allowing for a more event-driven process to create new AMIs based on other events completing.

AWS Backint Agent now supports S3 Intelligent Tiering


AWS Backint Agent, the backup agent for SAP HANA workloads now supports S3 Intelligent Tiering for backup locations. This release also allows for the separation of logs and data in separate folders and adds support for Ansible.

Amazon VPC routing enhancements allow inspection of traffic between subnets


Amazon has released new features to allow for east-west traffic inside a VPC to allow you to send traffic flowing between subnets within a VPC to be inspected. This allows you to inspect or analyze data traffic, for example running traffic through an Intrusion Detection and prevention system before it is routed to your application.

AWS Copilot now supports pub/sub architectures


AWS Copilot, the command-line tool for publishing and managing containerised services, now supports the pub/sub architecture for creating services based on containers that work by subscribing to events as their invocation source.

AWS Launch Wizard now saves CloudFormation and config for SAP Applications


AWS Launch Wizard now supports saving CloudFormation Templates and Configurations for SAP Applications and creates a Service Catalog product to allow for repeat deployments.

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose now supports dynamic partitioning


Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose now supports continuous dynamic partitioning based on keys within the data to allow for streaming data to services already partitioned, allowing you to then only analyze the data you need by filtering out the relevant data.

AWS Systems Manager adds new application management capabilities


AWS Systems Manager now supports additional application and resource tagging for applications to allow for better application discovery and also allow for Runbooks to be invoked for specific applications or resource types.

Amazon Managed Grafana is now Generally Available


Amazon’s Managed Grafana service is now Generally Available, allowing for customers to use the popular observability tool Grafana, without having to host and maintain their own infrastructure

AWS Firewall Manager now supports WAF log filtering


AWS Firewall Manager now supports the filtering of WAF logs, to allow for only those events you want to look at to be logged, and filter out any extra data that is coming through, allowing for easier analysis of the events you need to look at.

Amazon SageMaker Studio adds support for 3 new instance types


Amazon SageMaker Studio has launched support for 3 new instance types, the M5d, R5 and P3dn for more options and better performance when using SageMaker studio.

AWS FSx now supports NetApp ONTAP


AWS FSx has launched support for the NetApp ONTAP application, allowing enterprise data management with the ONTAP product to gain the features, performance and APIs of the ONTAP file systems.

Amazon S3 intelligent tiering further automates cost savings for short-live and small objects


Amazon S3 has launched further automation for small and short-lived files on S3, allowing for files under 30 days and files smaller than 128kb to benefit from the Intelligent Tiering offering to move the storage class of each object to a more cost-effective tier.

AWS presents Storage Day 2021


AWS has held their recent Storage Day, with announcements and details of all things storage. the sessions will be available on demand.

Amazon S3 now supports Multi-Region access points


Amazon S3 has launched Multi-Region access points to allow for data held in multiple regions around the world to be used via a single access point. This allows the S3 location nearest the request with the lowest latency to serve up the data, rather than having to figure out which is the closest bucket for each particular request.

AWS Transfer Family now provides managed workflows


The AWS Transfer Family now supports low code automation of files uploaded for processing via the AWS Transfer family, allowing for actions such as copying and tagging to happen automatically on file upload.

Amazon Elastic File System now supports intelligent tiering


Amazon’s EFS (Elastic File System) service now supports Intelligent Tiering to move lesser accessed files to a lower-cost storage tier (and back again if they start to be used more) to take advantage of Infrequent Access storage classes which can be up to 92% lower.

Amazon Monitron launches new ethernet gateway device


Amazon Monitron, the amazon service for detecting abnormal conditions in industrial equipment now supports routing data transfer through an ethernet gateway device for connection to the AWS network.