Weekly News Roundup 8th October 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some great releases this week including updates to AWS Backup Audit Manager, VMWare SDDC for AWS Outposts and AWS Firewall manager rules.

AWS Lambda Powertools released as public Lambda Layer


AWS Lambda Powertools have been released as a public Lambda Layer, simplifying their inclusion in Lambda functions.

Amazon EC2 Hibernation support extended to Ubuntu 20.04


Amazon EC2 Hibernation support has been extended to include Ubuntu version 20.04.

AWS Licence Manager adds Delegated Administrator Managed Entitlements


AWS Licence Manager has released support for delegating entitlements for software licence management to other accounts, allowing for easier management of entitlements in linked accounts.

Amazon releases Workspaces Cost Optimizer v2.4


Amazon has released v2.4 of their Amazon Workspaces Cost Optimizer, allowing for better recommendations on whether hourly or monthly pricing works better for your use case on Workspaces.

Amazon CodeGuru adds Java recommendations powered by Infer


Amazon CodeGuru has added new recommendations for Java applications powered by the open-source project Infer.

Amazon CodeGuru adds python security detectors powered by Bandit


Amazon CodeGuru has added new python security detectors powered by the open-source tool Bandit.

AWS Outposts now supports VMWare SDDC Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) as a fully managed service


AWS and VMWare have released a new offering of VMWare Software-Defined Data Center as a fully Managed Service for AWS Outposts.

AWS Firewall Manager releases support for centralised logging of network firewall logs


AWS Firewall Manager has released support for centralised logging of network firewall logs, allowing for easier support and maintenance of Network Firewalls.

Amazon Location Service adds Change Detection functionality


Amazon Location Service has added support for filtering updates based on distance, allowing for changes within certain parameters to be ignored, such as movement of less than 30m.

Amazon OpenSearch adds cross-cluster replication


Amazon OpenSearch (previously Amazon ElasticSearch) has added support for cross-cluster replication.

AWS Backup Audit Manager releases new reporting functionality


AWS Backup Audit Manager has released functionality to produce compliance reports detailing how your Backup data matches up to your Data Compliance needs.

AWS Backup Audit Manager now supports CloudFormation


AWS Backup Audit Manager now supports deployment via CloudFormation allowing for the standardization of deployment of your Audit requirements on any accounts required.

Amazon EC2 Capacity Fleet Reservations releases support for migration across instance types


Amazon EC2 Capacity Fleet Reservations now supports moving your Capacity Reservations over to new instance types, allowing for easier migration to newer instances when they are released.

AWS Transfer Family now supports S3 Access Point Aliases


The AWS Transfer Family suite of tools now supports using S3 Access Point Alisiases, which simplify destination S3 buckets and the associated permissions to use those buckets.

Amazon EMR now supports Spark SQL updates to Hive metadata tables using Apache Ranger


Amazon EMR now supports using Apache Spark SQL to update Apache Hive metadata tables when using Amazon EMR integration with Apache Ranger.

AWS Network Firewall adds configuration Options for Rule Ordering and Default Drop


AWS Network Firewall has added the ability to have rules evaluated in the precise order specified, allowing for Drop rules to be run before all other rules have been evaluated.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk adds database decoupling


AWS Elastic Beanstalk has added the ability to decouple RDS databases from the environment, allowing for environments to be updated or rolled out without affecting the RDS Instance

Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler adds Data Visualisation steps


Amazon SageMaker has added new Data Visualisation tools to allow users to perform a data preparation workflow, including data selection, cleansing, exploration, and visualization from a single visual interface.

AWS Lambda now supports IAM authentication for Amazon MSK sources


AWS Lambda now supports access to Amazon MSK clusters via IAM authentication when triggered via Amazon MSK queues.

Amazon Personalize releases new recipe for recommending similar items


Amazon Personalize has released a new recipe for recommending similar items based on customer user data.

Amazon SageMaker adds Fast File mode for High-Performance data access


Amazon SageMaker has released a new Fast File mode for High-Performance data access via streaming from S3 without having to download the file first.

Amazon Kendra releases support for 34 languages


Amazon Kendra has released support for 34 languages for keyword-based search over documents and FAQs

Amazon QuickSight releases support for pixel-perfect dashboards


Amazon QuickSight releases support for free-form layouts which provide authors with precise, pixel-level control over the size and placement of visual elements on QuickSight dashboards, including support for overlapping content.

Amazon Chime releases customisable media capture to the Amazon Chime SDK


Amazon Chime has released features for the Amazon Chime SDK allowing developers to customise how they capture media via the SDK.

Amazon Lex adds progress updates to requests


Amazon Lex has added functionality to add in-progress updates while processing requests, you can now directly configure the bot to inform the user about the progress with messages such as “We are working on your request. Thank you for your patience.”