Weekly News Roundup 9th July 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including New Security Group IDs, new features for Amazon MQ, including being able to trigger Lambda functions and new functionality for Athena and Cloudfront.

AWS Launches support for individual Security Group IDs


AWS has launched a new feature to give each individual rule in a Security Group its own ID, allowing for easier setup of security groups and filtering in queries to return specific rules for all security groups, allowing for quick changes and reporting.

Read about Machine Learning techniques and Operations with madewithml.com


For people interested in Machine Learning, the madewithml.com site provides a lot of information on the full ML ecosystem, with lessons, code examples and best practices

Read about how to detect Manufacturing Defects in real-time using Amazon Lookout for Vision


AWS has written a useful blog post about how to set up Lookout for Vision to detect manufacturing defects in real-time

AWS Glue Data Studio adds data preview feature


AWS Glue Data Studio now has a data preview feature, allowing you to see a sample of the data you will end up with after a job run, without having to process all of the data, so you can rapidly iterate on changes required.

Amazon Athena adds parameters to queries


Amazon Athena has added the ability to use parameters for queries run against data sources, allowing for reuse of queries and further security by sanitising inputs to your queries

Amazon MQ for Rabbit MQ supports consistent hash exchange type


Amazon MQ for Rabbit MQ has added the consistent has exchange type, allowing for more even distribution of tasks amongst brokers.

AWS Amplify Admin now supports using existing Cognito user and identity pools


AWS Amplify Admin now supports using existing Cognito user and identity pools directly from within the Amplify Admin console, allowing for existing authentication setups to be used within Amplify.

Amazon Kendra releases web crawler to enable website search


Amazon Kendra now has a web crawler to index information on internal and external websites, to allow for greater search capabilities in the enterprise-level search tool.

AWS Lambda now supports Amazon MQ for Rabbit MQ as an event source


AWS Lambda functions can now be triggered from Amazon MQ for Rabbit MQ as an event source, allowing you to trigger functions when messages appear for processing in the message queue.

Amazon Cloudfront releases new APIs for locating and moving alternate domain names


Amazon Cloudfront has a new API for detecting conflicting alternate CNAMEs in your distributions and moving them to another distribution.

Amazon Appstream 2.0 adds support for real-time audio and video in the web browser


Amazon Appstream on the web now supports real-time audio and video on the Web Browser client, similar to the native client, so now you can use features such as local webcam streaming for meetings within the software in Appstream.

AWS Systems Manager now supports full lifecycle management of CloudFormation templates and stacks


AWS Systems Manager now supports full lifecycle management of CloudFormation templates and Stacks within the Systems Manager Application Manager tool.

AWS lowers data processing charges for AWS Privatelink


For users with a lot of traffic going through AWS Privatelink, AWS has launched 2 new tiers of traffic pricing for between 4PB and 5PB of data and over 5PB.

AWS Firewall Manager supports centralised monitoring of VPC Routes for AWS Network Firewall


AWS Firewall Manager now supports monitoring of VPC routes to ensure traffic in a VPC to ensure traffic is going through the correct networking routes and not bypassing your firewall.