CirrusHQ deliver highly scalable Cloud platform to support innovative VR applications

About VR Hive

Technology startup The VR Hive offer VR learning from the comfort of their customer’s home or workspace. With a keen focus on developing accessible and affordable VR training, the company aims to improve course completion rates, increase knowledge retention and skill transfer, and help people obtain internationally recognised qualifications through their range of innovative learning services.


The Challenge

Due to upcoming company expansion plans, The VR Hive expected a large userbase increase for their Hive360 Application – an Augmented Reality (AR) application that allows consumers to create life-like narratives, tours, demonstrations and situations for training and entertainment. New cloud infrastructure was required, with the scalability to support multiple customised application deployments for new clients.

Alongside this, the startup needed a highly available platform that could supply demand and enhance performance of Planet Pollinate, a multi-user virtual reality game that develops team working, problem solving and communication skills.


The Solution

With an in-house team of capable but inexperienced graduates, The VR Hive needed the right expertise to help architect the infrastructure for their AWS services. The company chose CirrusHQ to perform two AWS Well- Architected Reviews which helped define their development plan.

As a result, VRHive’s Hive360 application was moved to AWS Amplify to provide a scalable full-stack application, with Amazon CloudFront providing a Content Delivery Network for low-latency delivery of Hive360 static assets. The Planet Pollinate application was moved to a highly-scalable, resilient architecture using Infrastructure as Code to provide a more agile deployment process for VRHive and increased reliability for the Planet Pollinate Application.


The Benefits

  1. A Cloud platform that supports business expansion
    A highly scalable architecture to supply demand with enhanced security and protection
  2. Greater control over AWS spending
    Costs saved with greater spend visibility and alerts for when limits will be exceeded
  3. AWS skills transfer for future updates
    New in-house capabilities through mentoring and coaching to deploy application updates


“CirrusHQ are a highly responsive, knowledgeable team. In addition to that they are genuinely a great team to work with, friendly and supportive and they are happy to go above and beyond to assist.”

Anne Widdop
The VR Hive


About APN Partner CirrusHQ and Amazon Web Services

VR Hive were introduced to CirrusHQ by AWS as an Advanced Consulting Partner with the correct certifications and accreditations to assist them via the Well-Architected Framework. This framework was used to deliver an evaluation of their architecture’s key concepts and design principles and to implement architectural best practices for running workloads in the AWS Cloud.

A Review is designed to help organisations find opportunities for significant cost savings, improved application performance and reduced security risks.

Next Steps
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