CirrusHQ’s training and professional services help Humanitarian Operations prepare to launch their new App.

About Humanitarian Operations

Humanitarian Operations is a charity dedicated to helping those experiencing hardship. Founded in 2004 as a First Responder Disaster Relief Agency, they have provided aid at sites of major disasters around the world and helped thousands of people whose lives have been drastically transformed by catastrophe. They use the AWS Cloud to help provide updates to infrastructure and feedback on their current setup and activities.


The Challenge

Humanitarian Operations wanted to improve the performance of their AWS Cloud so their team could focus on App development in preparation of a pending launch. The improvements were to address limited access to secure content along with the need to improve Auto-Scaling Group scalability and environment cost management. Humanitarian Operations also wanted to ensure the latest best practice was being observed and to further develop in-house IT knowledge


The Solution

Humanitarian Operations approached CirrusHQ for assistance in addressing their requirements and in doing so provided improved scalability by deployments of their Auto-Scaling Group and enabling scheduled scaling actions. By turning off instances when not needed during development helped to reduce AWS costs and CirrusHQ also further improved backend environment security.

With the delivery of training, reviews, and support to the Humanitarian Operations development team, technical obstacles were removed, cost management and security were improved which gave confidence to the team to concentrate on the app leading up to the launch.


The Benefits

  1. Service & security confidence
    More robust security and AWS environment benchmarking.
  2. Enhanced inhouse knowledge
    Reviews, training and support via AWS Program pre-launch of new app..
  3. Improved cost management
    Pre-launch cost optimisation.


“The CirrusHQ team are very caring & knowledgeable people. Their help has been outstanding for us, in finding and reparing holes in our systems and helping us create the right structure within AWS.”

Peter Comandulli
Humanitarian Operations


About APN Partner CirrusHQ and Amazon Web Services

Humanitarian Operations were introduced to CirrusHQ by AWS as an Advanced Consulting Partner with the correct certifications & accreditations to assist them via a proof of concept service. This service is designed by CirrusHQ in cooperation with AWS to help organisations develop and prove concepts on AWS, securely and rapidly. It supports the delivery of specific customer journeys and customer experience applications at scale and at speed, through pre-built digital components deployed in a standardised way.


Next Steps
To learn more about how AWS and APN Partner CirrusHQ can help your organisation, then get in touch.