Keeping Penny Black’s AWS Platform Optimised, Managed and Secure

About Penny Black

Penny Black, incubated in AGFA’s legendary innovation lab, helps ambitious brands in connecting with their customers in better, bolder and in radical new ways. Their platform integrates with retailers’ e-commerce platforms – like Shopify – to provide them with personalised packaging for each customer. The Penny Black platform allows e-commerce brands to print branded, dynamic, high-quality inserts that include personalised fields and trackable QR codes.

The Challenge

With the the rapid shift from face-to-face retail to ecommerce which was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Penny Black wanted to replicate the instore experience through packaging for online customers and built a solution in AWS. Penny Black wanted to make sure their infrastructure was built to best practice, fully optimised and secure by benchmarking their workloads against AWS best practices.

The Solution

CirrusHQ was engaged by Penny Black to look at the existing front end and order processing workloads in AWS to identify cost savings, improve application performance and reduce security risks. A reference AWS Landing Zone was provisioned for Penny Black with a multi-account, multi-organisational setup that included bespoke policies for governance and compliance across the entire AWS organisation in conjunction with service and continuous security monitoring. Security posture was improved via the implementation of MFA enforced sign-in, new custom security codes and vulnerability testing of serverless code in the environment.

With the architecture remediated Penny Black opted for a fully managed support service from CirrusHQ to provide 24×7 oversight, monitoring and management of the AWS environment.

The Benefits

  • Identification and remediation of risks in the environment to improve customer service
  • A better understanding of how to fully harness, improve and optimise AWS services, boosted by CirrusHQ’s consultative support
  • Performance increases across the AWS environment
  • Hardened security and an increased security posture for the cloud workloads
  • Peace of mind with a fully managed 24×7 monitoring and incident management service for the entire AWS environment

“The investments we make in our people and technology are bringing increased value to our customers as we grow. CirrusHQ are the AWS experts we have partnered with to help sharpen our AWS environment, improve our cyber security posture and make sure our workloads are running optimally 24 hours a day to continue to improve our customer experiences.”

Pete Ward, CTO, Penny Black