Well-Architected Reviews ensure planned Cloud development is aligned to support business growth

Case study overview

About R3-IoT

R3-IoT addresses challenges enterprises face in digitising business operations, products, and services due to a lack of, or unreliable communications infrastructure. It’s full-stack digital platform – combining satellite, cellular, IoT and data analytics – provides end-to-end data services from any location to inform, automate and advance operations globally.

The Challenge

R3-IoT had foreseen an inflection point where continued growth and user satisfaction required a fundamental shift in their Cloud services platform to improve scalability, security and enable faster innovation.

A rebuild of their Cloud platform was required moving from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services, and the R3-IoT technical team had a clear plan of what the Cloud should deliver. Having already designed the architecture and begun development work they wanted to check if their new platform design and build was following latest best practice and employing the most effective technology.

The Solution

R3-IoT requested CirrusHQ to perform a number of AWS Well-Architected Reviews to benchmark and ensure alignment with best practices – to help them build and operate a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

Before deciding on what workloads would benefit from a review, R3-IoT required clarification on some aspects of the planned architecture and proposed new technology, which CirrusHQ provided during an introduction meeting. This helped R3-IoT define their development plan and to later identify workloads to best benefit from a Well-Architected Review.

The Benefits

Reduced development process from months to weeks 
Time saved by CirrusHQ consultancy and performing Well-Architected Reviews.

Confidence in Cloud platform alignment with business groth
More performant, robust and furture proofed security and scalable architecture.

More focus on revenue generating services
Released more time for development of new revenue generating services.

About APN Partner CirrusHQ and Amazon Web Services

The move from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services was driven by the larger catalogue of cloud services available on AWS which would accelerate and shorten development time for R3-IoT. In addition, the AWS Ground Station feature was a key factor as it provided a pre-built service, essential to deliver R3-IoT services.

CirrusHQ was selected as an accredited AWS Well-Architected Review Partner plus their proactive support of AWS community user groups, and as an ambassador and educator of AWS Cloud Services.

“The review helped us speed up development, so instead of waiting weeks we got something in days that worked.”
Michael Gilroy Lead Software Developer, R3-IoT

Next Steps

To learn more about how AWS and APN Partner CirrusHQ can help your organisation, contact us today or visit visit www.cirrushq.com.