White Rose Education Modernise Technologies to Scale Learning Delivery and Organisational Growth

About White Rose Education

Influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading educational researchers and practitioners worldwide, White Rose Education brings together a team of highly experienced and passionate teaching experts to train, guide, help and support schools with a vast bank of clear and practical learning resources. Serving around 3 million visits per day to their website, White Rose Education creates and distributes resources to 80% of primary schools and 40% of secondary schools across England.

The Challenge

White Rose Education utilised a traditional architecture consisting of an autoscaled application and a large database to deliver their varied schemes of learning for pupils, teachers and practitioners. Due to the unprecedented growth the organisation experienced throughout the pandemic and beyond, they experienced severe limitations in usability and capacity as well as high running costs.

The Solution

CirrusHQ worked with White Rose Education to develop and transform the existing setup into three separate bespoke applications to allow each component to scale as required. CirrusHQ designed, architected and developed infrastructure for each component of the new applications. End to end serverless architecture was implemented to allow developers to focus on code rather than infrastructure and new low-latency content delivery was delpoyed. Provisioning of systems was moved to infrastructure as code using DevOps to provide reusable, version-controlled environments to minimise deployment risk along side fully automated deployment to provision new temporary environments where unit and validation testing is executed before going live into the production environment.

The Benefits

  • White Rose Education identified a 70% cost saving against their old environment
  • White Rose Education was able to increase performance to double previous metrics
  • CirrusHQ were able to reduce White Rose Education’s deployment risk to near zero
  • White Rose Education’s capacity capability increased on a vast scale
  • CirrusHQ’s DevOps capability has provided White Rose Education automation and faster and better product delivery

“CirrusHQ are an incredibly valued partner of White Rose Education, always there to help us when needed. The team are 100% supportive and we cannot fault their service or advice. With their help we have been able to increase performance and capacity with the added benefit of cost saving.”

Tony Staneff, Head of External Initiatives,  White Rose Education



Next Steps
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