CirrusHQ FastStart, proof-of-concept service helps organisations innovate faster and safer on the AWS Cloud

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CirrusHQ FastStart is designed by CirrusHQ in cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help you develop and prove your concept on AWS – with no cost or commitments.

Accelerate your journey to AWS with our tailor-made solution for you to assess the benefits of your new service. Providing a Proof of Concept approach it enables a fully working solution to be built and tested, removing complexities and distractors for fast-paced results.

  •  Get your workload on AWS with the guidance of an experienced AWS Partner to ensure you gain the right insights, fast
  • Align the workload to the needs of your organisation and ensure it is successful for you
  • Trial a product on AWS for a limited time, with no commitments, fast delivery, and tailored to you



CirrusHQ FastStart works by guiding your needs against an initial pre-defined workload solution that you’d like to trial on AWS.

  • Public Website – WordPress
  • Amazon Workspaces – for trialing remote desktop
  • Amazon AppStream – for remote Application solutions
  • Storage Solutions – Managing content securely on AWS

Choose from many of the workloads and add your custom set of success criteria, for a hands-on demonstration over a 4-week period, fully supported throughout.

Once you’ve chosen a workload that best meets your requirements, CirrusHQ will work to engage in a series of meetings, and workshops, to identify, build, and then walkthrough your bespoke solution. A fully supported four week trial period will commence, for hands on experience of your proof of concept solution to test your concept, understand cost and understand how to integrate a solution/workload into your existing landscape.

CirrusHQ will assist you to apply for AWS funding to support development and cost of delivery.



Program setup and design phase:

  1. Choose from one of the workload products
  2. Establish your success criteria and what you are looking for in detail
  3. CirrusHQ will look to gain funding from AWS, then once known agree pricing model

Build and deployment phase:

  1. CirrusHQ will build your solution
  2. Workshop to go through the solution in depth with your team

Trial period phase

  1. Additional workshop available if extra assistance is needed
  2. Four weeks of hands-on access to trial the solution and any additional support

At the end of the trial period, results of the programme are reviewed with a certified CirrusHQ consultant and the trial can be ended, or moved into a potential production service

Also, after the trial your teams will have a better understanding of AWS, the workloads possibilities, key requirements, benefits, and ROI.


If you have a concept that you wish to test or research further, then find out how FastStart can help your organisation innovate faster and safer in the AWS cloud  – Talk to an expert at CirrusHQ.