COMING SOON – CirrusHQ Acuity Platform

COMING SOON – CirrusHQ Acuity Platform

Research has shown that organisations that are using cloud computing solutions struggle to describe what they have deployed in the cloud, who deployed it and when, how it is maintained from a security perspective and critically, what happens if it changes. This is where Acuity from CirrusHQ comes in.


COMING SOON to partners and customers, CirrusHQ’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Management System will allow users worldwide to better manage their cloud environments’ performance, reliability, security, cost, operations and sustainability.


What Acuity brings is real-time event analysis of AWS applications and infrastructure, allowing the right people access to the right information, at the right time. By doing so, customers are able to quickly react to and resolve potential issues before they incur downtime, excess costs or data breaches.


Aggregating data across your AWS accounts and presenting this in a customised dashboard will provide customers easy to use access to all the data needed. A key launch feature of the Acuity platform is CloudFormation Drift Detection which updates in real-time, allowing customers the ability to quickly identify where intervention or improvement is needed and rapidly resolve those issues.


Bespoke to each client, the platform includes best practices and benchmarks deriving from CirrusHQ’s extensive familiarity with the AWS platform.


The Acuity Platform will be available to purchase via the AWS Marketplace starting at $60 USD per month per AWS account.


Keep up to date with the new features and functions of CirrusHQ’s Acuity Platform on our website and social media channels.

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COMING SOON – CirrusHQ Acuity Platform