“Architecting in the Cloud” – an Immersion Day ‘Lunch & Learn’ with CirrusHQ and the University of Oxford

“Architecting in the Cloud” – an Immersion Day ‘Lunch & Learn’ with CirrusHQ and the University of Oxford

AWS Immersion Days from CirrusHQ are presentations and workshops which are available in many AWS solution areas, such as; database migration, serverless, containers, artificial intelligence, edge services, security, and more. This enables organisations and institutions to become fully immersed in a specific technology area, led by specially trained Certified AWS Engineers, and also have the opportunity for some hands on experience.


These sessions can also be tailored to fit your business needs, and be delivered to any number of people in your organisation. In our most recent event: the team from CirrusHQ; John Walker (Solutions Architect Team Leader) and Peter Jackson (Business Architect) delivered an Immersion Day “Lunch & Learn” at the University of Oxford.


“Architecting for the Cloud– Best Practices” – this Immersion day event delivered guidance and insights into designing Cloud Architectures. The interactive discussion covered: 


  • building in security at every layer
  • leveraging different storage options (one size does not fit all!)
  • discussed approaches to elasticity (which ensures resources are delivered to meet demand automatically)
  • demonstrated the benefits of scaling horizontally to get the right balance of cost and performance
  • Making effective use of AWS Native Services that already deliver functionality you need (don’t re-invent the wheel)


This session was presented virtually and interactively to an open audience at the University of Oxford and recorded to allow it to be delivered to a wider audience inside the University.



John Walker commented “The benefits of Cloud Computing with AWS unlocks amazing opportunities for institutions such as The University of Oxford: vast power and scale for research, reliable and security infrastructure – particularly important in an education establishment, improves collaboration and access to information, ensures that costs can be tracked, allocated and fully managed. Being able to provide insight, directly to the teams on the ground at the University, as to how applications and platforms should be developed  – is a fantastic way to keep everyone engaged and provide regular insights into this changing landscape.


Immersion Days are delivered by CirrusHQ’s own certified AWS Solution Architects. They are perfectly suited to both new and existing Cloud customers who want to learn more about AWS Cloud Services and exactly how the solutions can be implemented and then transform their businesses.


From the tailored benefits to suit any business, to the advanced capabilities and optimisation techniques, Immersion Days are ideal for a mix of your business and technical teams.


To discuss hosting an Immersion Day for your organisation: please Contact us

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“Architecting in the Cloud” – an Immersion Day ‘Lunch & Learn’ with CirrusHQ and the University of Oxford