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All education institutions and providers are again dealing with their highest levels of online learning provision for pupils and colleagues which can place IT systems under tremendous pressure.

During this time CirrusHQ, using our unrivalled experience in helping Education Institutions scale and grow, are providing support for all online learning providers to remain robust and performant following the recent lockdown.

During the first lockdown one of the worlds largest online providers of academic and educational services based in the UK not only experienced an 800% increase in service requests but also for extended periods of time, which required additional resources to be applied to maintain their services. This experience is being replicated across many organisations and also as a result of increased traffic, this can also have an impact on finances with an unexpected surge in costs.

As the UK and Devolved Governments require many schools, colleges, universities and education establishments to provide online learning only, CirrusHQ are committed to ensuring that critical Education customer facing workloads remain highly available and performant – for existing and new customers .

How we can help through these times

Our UK leading technical and engineering experts are available to talk to you about joint planning, additional proactive engagements and any of our services which can support you.

CirrusHQ can provide support services to monitor traffic, ensure that your workloads scale to the increased volumes without any impacts to your customer base, and be responsive to any impacting news.

Contact us for a no obligations discussion to review your requirements and we will have the right expertise to guide you.

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Who are CirrusHQ

  • Crown commercial service supplier
  • Specialist AWS Education Advanced Consulting Partner
  • UK’s only Consulting Partner to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification.
  • Leading provider of the AWS Courtesy Onboarding program for Education specialising in Cloud Management, DevOps, Migration and Consulting Services

CirrusHQ’s unrivalled skills and experience enables Schools, Universities, Colleges and EdTech businesses to unlock the scale and innovation of the Public Cloud.

Muhil Vannan Technical Lead at CirrusHQ commented “We worked tirelessly to address the exceptional new load of the platforms of a number of our clients during the first lockdown. One leading provider of academic and educational resources, saw increased usage of their services ramp up significantly once schools closed as a result of the lockdown. In the weeks leading up to the event we saw a consistent usage on the platform during term time activities, this typically was 32,000 requests to the application in a 5 minute period. Within the first two days of lockdown, this peaked to around 238,000 requests, an increase of 836% on the application itself. Not only this, but the load profile changed from a classic ramping up on a school day to a much more consistent load on the platforms during the day that started earlier and extended longer.

Our expertise in this area helped our clients:

  • Understand the impact of scaling up platforms whilst maintain service
  • Full Project Management of changes to the environment
  • Managing and Monitoring costs
  • Maintaining high levels of service performance throughout

Our team are passionate about service delivery and helping organisations unlock the value of the AWS Cloud”.


Contact us for a no obligations discussion to review your requirements and we will have the right expertise to guide you.

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