7 Reasons to partner with a Managed Services Provider

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Reasons to partner with a Managed Services Provider

As a growing number of organisations embrace a leaner more agile future, a switch from the traditional break and fix approach to IT is giving way to an increasingly proactive approach. However, this new future will undoubtedly see many in-house IT teams struggle to optimise business systems and keep pace with changing trends.

Which is why working with a managed services provider (MSP) such as CirrusHQ, can deliver a range of advantages that can take the pressure off the in-house team and let them focus on driving the business forward while the MSP takes care of the day-to-day (and overnight!) heavy lifting.

The benefits of partnering with an outsourced service provider are almost too numerous to list, but here are the top reasons our clients have chosen to trust us to deliver a range of IT services for their businesses.

#1 – Helping you avoid downtime

One of the main reasons our clients cite for engaging our services is the proactive approach we bring to caring for their critical systems. We monitor systems 24/7 and ensure any small issues are resolved before they become major problems, whilst working hard to understand what caused the issue in the first place, so it can be prevented from occurring again. Our teams ensure you work more efficiently and more effectively.

#2 – Access specialists only when you need them

When new technology is needed or changes required to improve or maintain your competitive advantage, not having the specialist knowledge or implementation skills within your team of generalists, can delay or prevent the right decisions being made. This is the strength of specialist MSP such as ourselves. We have the resources, skills and knowledge many of our clients need only rarely throughout the year, but it’s there when needed. 

And it’s far more cost-effective than recruiting into or upskilling in-house teams, when those talents will be underutilised the rest of the time. Working across different clients ensures we are able to share understanding of issues likely to impact your organisation and use the opportunity to introduce industry best practice where appropriate from handling similar situations for other clients.

#3 – Give your in-house team more time

By engaging with an MSP that manages all the proactive issues, handles all the day to business as usual tasks, manages critical systems, whilst minimising downtime, allows your in-house team to focus on delivering a strategy designed to drive your business forward. And remember, CirrusHQ is a highly certified AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider Partner, so we can help you devise a transformative strategy too.

#4 – One number to call

Not only will the best MSPs work hard to maintain and optimise your critical networks and systems, and improve the experience of your users, but they will also get under the skin of your business to know what makes it tick. We want to know the third-party providers you rely on, the solutions you provide and the industry in which you operate.

It is only then that we can assume the role of trusted partner to your business, rather than just a company that keeps your computers’ lights on. When everything works as it should, it’s good to have a single point of contact to discuss next steps. But when problems arise, regardless of whether the problem lies with you or a vendor, a single number to call is critical to a quick, effective solution.

Thanks to our proactive monitoring of your systems, we ensure your business data and applications are protected every minute of every day and if a problem strikes out of office hours, it’s calming to know that good MSPs like CirrusHQ have technical people available 24/7 to deliver a resolution. 

#5 – More cost-efficient

A major reason organisations choose to work with an MSP is that it’s typically more cost-efficient than keeping everything in-house. There are several reasons for this, but the first is not having to recruit and train new staff to gain access to more expertise, with all the associated costs. 

An MSP will also ensure your systems are monitored and managed 24/7, which is a tough ask for a small in-house team. The service level you agree with the MSP will detail what you get for what you pay, which largely eliminates the risk of large unexpected costs.

And of course, you’re shifting from a Capex model to an Opex model, which can help your organisation be more agile, more efficient and help your Finance team understand how technology investments are important operational expenses that will ultimately benefit everyone.

#6 – Easier to scale effectively

As your organisation and the sector in which you operate develop, the technology you rely on will also change. AWS has been designed to scale easily to reflect the peaks and troughs of your development. As you determine the applications and services you need to add or remove, working with an experienced MSP, you will also have expert support on hand to ensure you achieve the outcome you were aiming for.

It is MSP’s such as CirrusHQ that will provide the advice and guidance you need to ensure you will make informed decisions that will drive growth, whilst making it easy to scale expertise and resources up or down when needed.

#7 – Specialist support for your Cloud migration

Whilst an increasing number of organisations are choosing to migrate to Amazon Web Service (AWS) to eliminate the cost and problems associated with hosting data on-premises, undertaking the migration with in-house teams, can be a significant challenge, particularly if it’s the first time such a project has been attempted.

Not only does a hassle-free migration need specialist knowledge, but managing a complex Cloud infrastructure and optimizing it would typically require you to recruit into your team. As more choose AWS, with the support of highly certified AWS Advanced Consulting and Solution Provider Partners, such as CirrusHQ, we have the skills and knowledge already within our team to provide the expert consultancy and advice you need.

With CirrusHQ managed services, you get an experienced MSP dedicated to the AWS environment able not only to migrate your applications to the Cloud, but also manage and optimise all aspects of your cloud environment in the future. 

By this point you should understand why we present such a compelling argument not only for outsourcing the management of your IT systems and networks to an experienced Managed Services Provider, but why a conversation with CirrusHQ is the perfect first step.

Please get in touch today for a detailed conversation about what you need, when you need it and how we can support your ambition.

Call  0131 208 0284 or email enquiries@cirrushq.com and we’ll help you take the next step on your journey of digital transformation.