Weekly News Roundup 27th August 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including GitHub Discussions, AWS Backup Audit Manager, multiple Database Migration Service features. Also some news about an AWS executive moving to Azure and EC2’s 15th Birthday.

Amazon Cloud Executive Charlie Bell leaves AWS for Microsoft


Experienced AWS Cloud Executive Charlie Bell has left AWS for Microsoft’s Azure division.

GitHub Discussions now generally available


GitHub has released its new discussions feature, for feedback on repositories, including upvoting and post pinning features.

Amazon Textract receives up to 32% price reduction


Amazon Textract has had a pricing update, reducing costs by up to 32%, while also improving processing times.

AWS Announces new AWS Heroes


AWS has announced the latest batch of AWS Heroes, those in the AWS community that help out others with their cloud journey.

AWS Backup launches Audit Manager


AWS Backup launches a new Audit Manager feature for monitoring, evaluating and demonstrating compliance of your backups, allowing for the assurance that your backups are timely and the process is working as expected.

Amazon EC2 reaches its 15th Birthday


Amazon EC2 is now 15! Amazon have detailed some of the significant events in the EC2 15-year timeline.

Amazon SageMaker Model Registry now supports Inference Pipelines


Amazon SageMaker’s Model Registry now supports registering Inference Pipelines to allow customers to track models deployed via the Inference Pipelines for tracking and versioning.

AWS Optimizer now gives insights into switching from x86 to Graviton2


The AWS optimizer tool for figuring out the right size of instance to use for your workload now supports recommendations on moving from x86 powered machines to the arm-powered Graviton2 instances.

Amazon Comprehend launches tagging support for analysis jobs


Amazon Comprehend now supports tagging of analysis jobs to track usage and costs.

AWS IoT Core MQTT now supports retained messages


AWS IoT Core’s MQTT messaging service now supports retained messages so that if a message is passed through the queue and there is no IoT device available to process the message, the message is retained rather than lost.

Amazon Transcribe launches tagging support for transcription jobs


Amazon Transcribe now supports tagging of transcription jobs to track usage and costs.

AWS launches new Level 1 MSSP Competency


AWS has launched a new Level 1 Managed Security Service Partner Competency for AWS Partners that have experience in securing cloud workloads.

AWS Data Lifecycle manager now supports automated deprecation of out of date AMIs


AWS Data Lifecycle manager now supports automatically deprecating out of date amazon machine images, to ensure users launching new instances use the latest up to date versions

AWS Database Migration Service now supports segmentation of MongoDB instances for parallel migration


AWS Database Migration Service now supports segmentation of MongoDB clusters to allow for parallel migration of data.

AWS Database Migration Service now supports Redis as a target Database


The AWS Database Migration Service now supports Elasticache for Redis as a target database, allowing you to migrate data from another source into a Redis database.

AWS Database Migration Service now supports MongoDB 4.2 and 4.4


The AWS Database Migration Service now supports 2 of the latest versions of MongoDB for migrating data.

Amazon Appflow now supports sending data from SAP applications to AWS Services


Amazon Appflow now supports using SAP applications as a source for sending data into AWS services without the need for hardware or custom connectors.

Amazon Rekognition improves celebrity recognition and adds new tags for celebrity metadata


Amazon Rekognition has updated its celebrity recognition in images (with video coming soon) to improve the detection of celebrities in images and has added new tags gender, expression and smiling to the metadata returned when a celebrity is detected in an image.