Weekly News Roundup 12th November 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, as we get closer to re:Invent 2021, including new Backup options for Neptune and DocumentDB, new G5 instances, AWS Resilience Hub, 2 new Single Sign-On providers, and container improvements.


AWS CloudTrail announces error rate insights


AWS CloudTrail has announced a new error rate insights feature, allowing you to identify increased error rates in your application without having to configure thresholds.


AWS CloudFormation Registry announces 34 new resource types


AWS CloudFormation Registry has announced support for 34 new resource types allowing for more resources to be deployed via CloudFormation and controlled with Infrastructure as Code. These new types include resources for AWS Connect, AWS DeviceFar, AWS LightSail and many more.

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker adds retry/resume policies to SageMaker Pipelines


Amazon SageMaker has added support for retry and resume policies to SageMaker Pipelines allowing for more control over deployments when things don’t quite work the first time.

Amazon SageMaker adds new Guardrails for deployments


Amazon SageMaker has announced new guardrails for Inference endpoint deployments, allowing for more controlled deployments using the canary and liner traffic shifting modules, with built-in safeguards and automatic rollbacks.

Amazon Translate adds four new languages


Amazon Translate has added support for four new languages. Irish, Marathi, Portugal Portuguese and Punjabi.

Amazon Translate adds multidirectional custom terminology


Amazon Translate has added support for multidirectional custom terminology, allowing you to control the customisation of named entities such as brand names, character names and more while specifying how they should be translated both to and from a specific language.

Device Farm

AWS Device Farm launches support for testing web applications inside a VPC


AWS Device Farm has added support for testing applications hosted in a VPC (virtual private cloud) by creating a network interface between the device farm and your VPC


AWS adds support for switching Windows Server and SQL Server license types


AWS has added support for switching license types on Windows Server on EC2 and SQL Server, allowing you to change license type while still retaining the application, instance and networking setup through license manager.

AWS EC2 launches new G5 instances with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs


AWS EC2 has launched new G5 instances with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs, allowing for graphics-intensive workloads and machine learning.

Batch Processing

AWS Batch announces fair share scheduling


AWS Batch has added fair-share scheduling to its queues, allowing you to determine how resources are allocated to tasks in a batch queue.


Amazon ECS adds container instance health information


Amazon ECS has added container instance health information, allowing you to query the health of a container runtime directly from the Amazon ECS API

Amazon EKS on Fargate add support for fluent bit Kubernetes filter


Amazon EKS on Fargate has added support for the use of Kubernetes Fluent Bit filters which provide enriched Kubernetes-specific metadata to Fluent Bit logs, allowing users to link up log entries with specific applications.

Amazon EKS Cluster adds additional cluster configuration options to CloudFormation


Amazon EKS has added new cluster configuration options to CloudFormation, allowing you to configure tags, endpoint access control, and control plane logging through AWS CloudFormation.

Amazon ECS adds support for improved capacity providers scaling


Amazon ECS has improved the capacity providers scaling of ECS Clusters, allowing for faster infrastructure changes when using a large number of tasks (>100).


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for Graviton2 instances


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) has added support for launching with Graviton2 instances, bringing increased speed and cost performance.

Single Sign-On

AWS adds support for Jumpcloud Single Sign-on


AWS has added support for single sign-on via the JumpCloud platform, allowing a connection with AWS SSO.

AWS adds support for CyberArk Single Sign-on


AWS has added support for single sign-on via the CyberArk platform, allowing a connection with AWS SSO.

Nimble Studio

Amazon Nimble Studio adds support for testing launch profile configurations


Amazon Nimble Studio has added support for testing launch profile configurations via the nimble studio console.


AWS Backup adds support for Amazon Neptune


AWS Backup has added support for Amazon Neptune, allowing you to create automated periodic snapshots of Amazon Neptune clusters using your centralized data protection policy across the supported AWS services for database, storage, and compute.

AWS Backup adds support for Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility)


AWS Backup has added support for  Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), allowing you to centrally manage data protection of your DocumentDB clusters along with other supported AWS services for database, storage, and compute.

AWS Backup adds new resource assignment rules for Data Protection


AWS Backup has added new resource assignment rules, allowing you to select resources using a combination of tags and resource ids to backup and protect your most critical data.

AWS Regions

AWS announces new Canadian Region coming soon in West Calgary


AWS has announced a new West-Calgary region is in development, aiming for launch in late 2023 / early 2024.

Systems Manager and DevOps

AWS Fault Injection Simulator adds support for CloudWatch Alarms and Automation Runbooks


AWS Fault Injection Simulator adds support for CloudWatch Alarms and Automation Runbooks, allowing you to test responses to events, and see what would be triggered during a real failure to ensure you have enough coverage.

AWS announces Resilience Hub


AWS has announced a new product, Resilience Hub, which allows you to define, track, and manage the resilience of your applications. This will discover applications deployed by CloudFormation and Service Catalog and measures RTO and RPO, then provides recommendations for steps to improve.

AWS Security hub adds new FSBP controls and new partners 


AWS Security Hub has added three new controls for its Foundational Security Best Practice standard (FSBP) to enhance customers’ Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM).  Security Hub also added two integration partners and one consulting partner, which brings Security Hub up to 73 total partners. The new integration partners include HackerOne and Logz.io and the consulting partner is DFX5.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify adds new observeQuery API for faster real-time data loading


AWS Amplify has added a new observeQuery API for real-time apps allowing Amplify applications to get started quickly while waiting for real-time data to arrive.


Amazon Lex adds support for South African English


Amazon Lex has added support for South African English.


AWS QuickSight adds new IP based access restrictions and more restrictions


Amazon QuickSight adds 4 new admin features including IP-based access restrictions, AWS Service Control Policy-based restrictions, automated email syncing for federated SSO users and bring-your-own-role during QuickSight account sign up.


Amazon SNS adds new token-based authentication for Apple mobile notifications


Amazon SNS has added support for token-based authentication for Apple’s APN notification. Token-based authentication provides stateless communication between Amazon SNS and the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), now SNS supports both token-based and certificate-based authentications. Tokens are faster and also remove the need to update the certificate once a year.