Weekly News Roundup 5th November 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some great releases this week, with CloudFront CORS and custom header support, RDS Snapshots cross-account KMS Keys, Deepracer Multi-User support, Managed RStudio on SageMaker, EC2 AMIs being able to be shared in organisations, Secrets Manager getting a limit increase from 40,000 to 500,000, Hadoop support in DataSync and many more.


Amazon CloudFront adds support for cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), security, and custom headers to HTTP responses


Amazon CloudFront has added much-requested support for adding CORS, security and custom headers to HTTP responses in CloudFront, allowing for greater customisation of responses at the CloudFront level.

Machine Learning

Amazon Rekognition adds improved celebrity recognition to Rekognition Video


Amazon Rekognition has added support for improvements made to celebrity recognition for Rekognition images to its video service, allowing for easier tagging of celebrities in videos

AWS Deepracer adds multi-user account management


AWS Deepracer has added support for multi-user account management, eliminating the need for separate accounts for Deepracer users

Amazon Sagemaker adds support for inference testing using custom domains and headers


Amazon Sagemaker has added support for testing inference using custom domains and headers, allowing for quicker testing iteration

Amazon Sagemaker announces Fully Managed RStudio


Amazon Sagemaker has announced support for a fully-managed version of RStudio, the popular data science and machine learning IDE for the R Language.

Big Data

AWS Lake Formation now supports AWS Privatelink


AWS Lake Formation has added support for AWS PrivateLink VPC Endpoints allowing you to securely manage access from inside your VPC and on-premise systems

Amazon EMR Studio announces support for connecting to clusters in different subnets


Amazon EMR Studio adds support for EMR clusters in different Subnets, allowing for greater communication between clusters and better separation of clusters.

EC2 Instances / LightSail

Amazon EC2 adds support for sharing Amazon Machine Images across Organisations


Amazon EC2 adds support for sharing AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) across accounts in an Organisation, allowing for easier sharing of snapshots of EC2 Instances for new instance creation.

Amazon LightSail adds support for CloudFormation


Amazon LightSail has added support for AWS CloudFormation, allowing Infrastructure as Code to be used to provision LightSail resources.

Amazon EC2 adds support for connecting to Red Hat Knowledgebase


Amazon EC2 adds support for connecting to Red Hat Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase is a library of articles, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and best-practice guides to help customers solve technical issues. This step now avoids the need to contact AWS premium support to gain access.


AWS App Mesh adds Metric Extension


AWS App Mesh has released a Metric Extension allowing for the collection of metric data across services linked to App Mesh, allowing for greater visibility of how your system is performing.

AWS App2Container now supports ECS Fargate Windows Containers


AWS App2Container, the service for packaging up an application into a container, now supports Windows Containers running on ECS Fargate.


Amazon Redshift adds support for SQLAlchemeny and Apache Airflow


Amazon Redshift has announced native support for SQLAlchecmy and Apache Airflow, allowing for greater control and connectivity in Redshift

Amazon RDS adds support for cross-account KMS keys for snapshots


Amazon RDS adds support for cross-account KMS Keys for snapshots, eliminating the need for snapshots to be re-encrypted by the target account’s KMS key when sharing a snapshot of a database.

Amazon Database Activity Streams now support Graviton2 based instances


Amazon Database Activity Streams for Aurora now support the Graviton2 base instance types allowing for performance increases and cost savings.

AWS RDS Outposts adds support for exporting database logs to Amazon CloudWatch


AWS RDS Outposts now support the offloading of RDS logs to Amazon CloudWatch, allowing for centralised collecting of logs for analysis.

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis adds support for CloudFormation


Amazon MemoryDB for Redis has added support for AWS CloudFormation, allowing the creation of resources to be done via Infrastructure as Code.


AWS Lambda adds support for cross-account Images from Elastic Container Registry


AWS Lambda has added support for cross-account container images from the Elastic Container Registry, allowing for a centralised approach to storing images in ECR.


AWS Secrets Manager increases secrets limit from 40,000 to 500,000


AWS Secrets Manager has increased the number of entries that can be stored per account from 40,000 to 500,000.

Amazon DevOps Gura extends coverage to Amazon EKS metrics


Amazon DevOps Guru has added coverage to Amazon EKS clusters, allowing for the monitoring of Kubernetes deployments within DevOps Guru.

AWS Security Hub adds support for AWS Privatelink


AWS Security Hub adds support for AWS Privatelink VPC Endpoints, allowing for private access to Security Hub APIs without having to traverse the internet.


AWS DataSync adds support for Hadoop based storage to AWS Storage Service migrations


AWS DataSync has added support for migrating data stored on Hadoop based storage (HDFS) into AWS services, such as S3, EFS or FSx for Windows.


AWS SAM adds support for popular CI/CD pipelines and systems


AWS SAM has added support for creating CI/CD pipelines for popular systems such as CloudBees CI/Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket Pipelines, and AWS CodeBuild/CodePipeline.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify adds support for new data management capabilities


AWS Amplify has added support for new data management capabilities within the Amplify admin, simplifying creating and managing your data in Amplify, and allowing for more realistic demo data that is quickly shareable.


AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN now supports managed over the air updates for firmware


AWS IoT Core for wireless devices that use low-power long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) technology to connect to the AWS Cloud, has added support for over the air updates to Firmware.


Amazon Pinpoint adds in-app messaging


Amazon Pinpoint has added support for in-app messaging allowing customers to design and preview message templates to be shown to end-users.

Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager adds new APIS for route analysis


AWS Transit Gateway has added support for new Network Manager APIs to get information about the network such as resources, health status, routes and allows for route analysis of the Transit Gateway network.

Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect Chat adds real-time message streaming


Amazon Connect Chat has added new real-time message streaming through APIs to enable customisable experiences.


Amazon Simple Email Service launches new console experience


Amazon SES has launched a new console experience with a redesigned interface with a simpler, more intuitive way to create and manage their resources, collect sending activity data, and monitor reputation health

Quantum Ledger Database

Amazon QLDB adds a new version of QLDB Shell


Amazon Quantum Ledger Database has launched a new version of the QLDB Shell that is easier to install and use.