Weekly News Roundup 29th October 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. Some really nice launches this week including IP addresses in CloudFront headers, Bablefish for using SQL Server with Aurora Postgres, Bottlerocket in EKS, Windows Containers in Fargate, new EC2 instances, SAM Accelerate for cloud based testing and more.


Amazon CloudFront announces Client IP address, Connection port information now available in headers


Amazon CloudFront has added a long-requested feature to add Client IP, and Connection information into headers for CloudFront, allowing for more targeted filtering of requests.


AWS adds new Strategy Recommendations to streamline migration and modernisation



AWS has added some new Strategy Recommendations to the AWS Migration Hub to help choose how to migrate and modernise your applications.


AWS announced BugBusting challenge for re:Invent


AWS has announced a new challenge for re:Invent 2021 to help make bug busting history with the AWS BugBusting Challenge.


Amazon Pinpoint adds Ten-Digit Long Code (10DLC) vetting


Amazon Pinpoint has added support for verifying the US-based Ten-Digit Long Code (10DLC) system, allowing for increased throughput on message sending from applications


Amazon QuickSight adds incremental refresh to SPICE datasets


Amazon QuickSight has added support for incremental refreshes to its SPICE data sets (the Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine) allowing for small changes to be updated without having to reload all of the data

Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker Autopilot adds support for time-series data


Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, the automatic process for building training and tuning models based on your data, now supports time-series data, allowing for more use cases such as anomaly detection, risk assessment or fault prediction.

AWS adds new EC2 instances powered by Gaudi Accelerators for Deep Learning Model Training


AWS has added new EC2 instances, powered by Gaudi Accelerators, allowing for better Deep Learning models with many layers to run on hardware optimised specifically for this use case.

Amazon Textract adds support for TIFF files and Expense and Invoice Processing


Amazon Textract has added support for TIFF Files and autonomous submission and recognition of expense files and invoices

Zones and Regions

AWS Opens new Local Zones in Las Vegas, New York and Portland


AWS has opened new Local Zone regions in Las Vegas, New York and Portland


Route 53 Adds support for disabling reverse DNS lookups


AWS Route 53 has added support for disabling reverse DNS lookups when the enableDnsHostnames setting is enabled, allowing for forwarding of all reverse DNS queries to another service, such as on-premise Active Directory

Systems Manager and DevOps

AWS Systems Manager adds support for custom cutoff behaviour for tasks


AWS Systems Manager has added support for custom behaviour to allow for tasks designed to run during maintenance windows, allowing you to decide what happens with tasks when the cutoff time is reached

AWS Global Accelerator adds new CloudWatch Metrics


AWS Global Accelerator adds 2 new metrics to monitor the total number of health endpoints and the total number of unhealthy endpoints being served by the accelerator


AWS SAM adds new accelerate function for faster code testing


AWS SAM, the Serverless Application Model has added a preview of AWS SAM Accelerate, a new tool in the SAM CLI allowing for testing of changes made locally against a cloud-based environment, allowing developers to see if their changes work more than just locally.

AWS Elemental

AWS Elemental MediaLive adds support for Nielsen watermarking


AWS Elemental MediaLive has added support for adding Nielsen’s proprietary watermarks in your MediaLive channel


AWS IoT SiteWise adds support for the same asset models across different hierarchies


AWS IoT SieWise has added support for different models in the asset hierarchy to be reused across sites, allowing for simplification of setting up your industrial data collection from equipment

EC2 Instances

AWS EC2 adds spot placement scoring


AWS has added a new scoring system for spot instance placement, allowing you to figure out where the best region or availability zone is for your spot placement and launching there first, where there is availability

AWS launches new C6I EC2 instances


AWS has launched new C6I instances powered by the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors

AWS adds new EC2 instances powered by Gaudi Accelerators for Deep Learning Model Training


AWS has added new EC2 instances, powered by Gaudi Accelerators, allowing for better Deep Learning models with many layers to run on hardware optimised specifically for this use case.


Amazon EKS Node Groups now supports Amazon Bottlerocket


Amazon EKS has added support for BottleRocket, the minimal Linux-based Operating System, which is designed specifically for running containers. Bottlerocket can now be run on worker nodes,  giving customers an Operating System with minimal overhead for running their containers

AWS Fargate adds support for ECS Windows Containers


AWS Fargate has launched support for ECS Windows Containers, allowing customers to run containers based on Windows for applications that require a Windows Operating System to run.


AWS launches Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL


AWS has launched Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, the query service for allowing PostgreSQL based Aurora databases to understand T-SQL, the Microsoft SQL Server query languages, allowing users to migrate over to Aurora from SQL Server without having to rewrite any of their queries.

Amazon DocumentDB adds new JDBC Driver


Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for a JDBC driver, allowing connectivity from BI tools such as Tableau

Amazon Document DB adds geospatial capabilities


Amazon DocumentDB has added support for storing, querying and indexing Geospatial data, allowing for 2dsphere indexes and proximity querying.

Amazon DocumentDB adds support for more MongoDB APIs


Amazon DocumentDB has added more compatibility with MongoDB by adding $literal, $map, and $$ROOT support.

Amazon DocumentDB adds support for Access Control with User-Defined roles


Amazon DocumentDB has added support for access control with user-defined roles. With user-defined roles, you can grant users one or more custom roles that determine which operations they are authorized to perform.

AWS adds Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle with new control capabilities


AWS has added support for RDS Custom for Oracle, which allows administrators to access and customise the database environment and operating system on Oracle RDS deployments, which is normally an area reserved for managed uses, allowing for Oracle deployments that require specialised customisations to the environment to be migrated to AWS

Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime adds push notifications support to the SDK


Amazon Chime has announced support for Push Notifications to be sent through the Chime SDK, allowing for integrations with Chime to send notifications out to users

Amazon Chime adds Phone Call Recording


Amazon Chime has announced support for recording of phone calls made in Chime through the Chime SDK