Weekly News Roundup 13th August 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including Visual Monitoring from Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics, Public logs for CodeBuild and Python Support for CodeGuru Profiler.

2 New Tools for AWS EventBridge launched to help with documenting EventBridge Schema and Testing Event firing


Jeff Barr has linked to 2 new applications by @boyne123 that are useful when working with EventBridge, that allow for documenting schema and testing events from within the tool.

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics supports Visual Monitoring


Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics now allows you to create a canary program to check your website/endpoint/API visually by using ImageMagick to compare screenshots and alert on a threshold if they are too different, which might indicate an issue with your site, such as images not loading.

AWS Systems Manager announces support for Operational Insights to identify duplicate items and unusual activity


AWS Systems Manager has launched support in Operation Insights for identifying duplicate items/event sources and tagging unusual activity.

Amazon Workspaces releases Service Quota integration


Amazon Workspaces now shows Service Limits through the Service Quotas page, allowing for monitoring of your Workspace limits.

AWS WAF now offers managed rule group versioning


AWS Web Application Firewall now supports versioning on your managed rule groups, allowing for rollbak to earlier versions upon any changes.

AWS Amplify announces support for Next.js version 11


AWS amplify has announced support for Version 11 of Next.js, the popular react framework.

Amazon Cloudwatch logs now supports Usage Metrics for APIs


Amazon CloudWatch Logs now supports usage metrics for APIs, allowing you to monitor when you are getting close to service limits.

Amazon Chime announces integration with Amazon Transcribe and Transcribe Medical


Amazon Chime has announced integration in their SDK for Amazon Transcribe and Transcribe Medical, allowing for transcription of calls via the SDK

AWS App Runner support launched in the AWS ToolKit for VS Code


AWS App Runner support has been announced as part of the AWS toolkit for VS Code.

Amazon EMR now supports S3 Access Points


Amazon EMR now supports the use of S3 Access Points, allowing for multiple access points with differing levels of access to the same S3 bucket.

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler launches Python Support


Amazon CodeGuru Profiler, the code scanning tool, has announced support for Python, in addition to the existing Java/JVM support.

AWS Glue Databrew launches support for logical conditions for data transformations


AWS Glue Databrew has announced support for logical conditions such as IF, AND, OR for its data transformations allowing changes to data with dependencies (such as if Column A is True AND Column B is > 10, set Column C to True)

AWS Codebuild now supports publicly available build results


AWS Codebuild now supports public access to build results without an amazon account, for uses in places such as Open Source projects.

Amazon API Gateway now supports mutual TLS certificates from Third Party and private Certificate Authorities


Amazon API Gateway now supports Mutual TLS Certificates from Third Party and Private Certificate Authorities.