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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, such as the AWS being announced as the industry leader for the 11th year in a row, AWS Config support for AWS backup and additional Athena data format outputs for query results.

AWS has been named as Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) for a consecutive 11th year

AWS has been named as the leader in CIPS for the 11th consecutive year by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CIPS. AWS has achieved the farthest position for ability to execute, and completeness of vision axes.


AWS Enhances AutoScaling Instance Refresh with testing and configuration checks

Amazon has announced that EC2 Auto Scaling Instance Refresh now has the ability to perform configuration checks, launch template validation and Eventbridge notifications. Instance refresh allows updates to be rolled out to existing instances such as Launch Configuration or AMI updates without having to manually replace the instances.


Amazon updates Athena to support additional data formats

Amazon has updated Athena with a new UNLOAD statement which allows query results to be exported as Parquet, Avro, ORC, JSON or delimited text. This feature opens the door to a huge amount of customisation and compatibility with different ETL systems and removing the need for an additional data formatting step.


Amazon Cloudwatch announces cross-account Cloudwatch Alarms

Cloudwatch Alarms can now be configured to monitor and alert on changes in another customer account. This feature enhances existing cross-account cloudwatch compatibility with CloudWatch Dashboards and adding functionality to a central monitoring account solution.


Amazon Redshift enhances Automatic Table Optimization functionality

Automatic Table Optimisation functionality within Amazon Redshift automatically optimises the design of tables by applying sort and distribution keys without the need for manual intervention. AWS has extended this functionality to also automatically optimise column compression encodings to achieve high performance and reduce storage utilisation.


AWS Config now supports AWS Backup Service

AWS Config now supports AWS Backup resources to track configuration changes and updates to AWS Backup Vaults, Plans and Schedules. Resource relationships will now be visualised between services and AWS Backup, for example, EC2 instances which are targetted by a backup plan.