Weekly News Roundup 17th September 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology.  Some great new releases and updates this week, including new Instance Types for Aurora and RDS, new API tools for Parallel Cluster, a new command-line tool for Redshift and more.

Amazon Braket launches new verbatim compilation mode


Amazon Braket, the Quantum Computing solution has launched a new verbatim mode, allowing for code to be executed as-is without any modification such as code optimisation to allow users to know exactly what code has run.

AWS ParallelCluster announces Cluster Management support via API Gateway


AWS Parallel Cluster has announced support for Cluster Management calls to be done via the API Gateway

Amazon Aurora launches support for new T4g instance types


Amazon Aurora has launched support for the new T4g instance type, which provide a baseline performance with burst capability to increase performance

Amazon Aurora launches support for new X2g instance types


Amazon Aurora launches support for the new X2g instance types which provide the highest memory per vCPU at the lowest cost per GiB of memory for Amazon Aurora

Amazon EC2 launches new VT1 instances for Video Transcoding


Amazon EC2 launches new VT1 instance types specifically designed for Video Transcoding.

Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 adds autoscaling timeout


Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 adds an automatic timeout setting for scaling, for situations when the scaling should increase or decrease but Aurora is unable to find a good period for the scaling to happen, so you can either stay as-is or force the change through.

AWS launches AWS Health Aware


AWS launches AWS Health Aware that will gather together organization and personal Health Alerts and can integrate with platforms such as Teams and Slack to provide updates

AWS CodeBuild launches support for smaller ARM-based instances


AWS Codebuild launches support for using instances with 2 vCPU units as CodeBuild instances, down from the existing 8 vCPU requirements for when you don’t need as much computing power, such as when you just need to zip up your codebase for deployment and change a few parameters.

Amazon Contact Lens adds new language support


Amazon Contact Lens adds both post-call and real-time analytics support for 3 new languages, Korean (South Korea), Japanese (Japan), and Mandarin (Mainland China). In addition, 5 languages, French (Canada), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), German (Germany), and Italian (Italy), that were already supported for post-call analysis, are now also supported for real-time analytic

Amazon SES now supports up to 40MB attachments


Amazon SES now supports emails with up to 40Mb to be sent through the secure email service.

Amazon CodeGuru reviewer adds severity fields and CWE (Common Weakness Enumerations) tags to GitHub reviews


Amazon CodeGuru reviewer adds new tags and severity fields to its GitHub review page, allowing for filtering and sorting of issues that need to be looked at.

AWS Firewall Manager now supports WAF rate-based rules


AWS Firewall Manager now supports the addition of WAF rate-based rules, allowing for blocking of excessive traffic from single sources

Amazon Transcribe adds support for removing Personally Identifiable Information in streaming transcriptions


Amazon Transcribe adds support for the removal of PII from streaming transcriptions as well as static transcriptions

Amazon Redshift launches rsql command-line tool for querying Redshift clusters


Amazon Redshift launches the new rsql command-line tool to connect to an Amazon Redshift cluster, describe database objects, query data, and view query results in various output formats.

Amazon Comprehend launches support for extracting entities in native format


Amazon Comprehend launches support for extracting data such as tables and text from documents in the native format of the document, so you can now extract tables, lists and more without having to first convert the file to plain text, so you can now use PDFs and Word documents and more.

AWS IQ program expands to UK and France


AWS has expanded its IQ program, which allows for consultants to provide services directly to customers, to the UK and France.

AWS Activate Program launches new Build on AWS program


AWS has launched Build on AWS, a new offering from AWS Activate designed to help startups build their infrastructure on AWS in minutes. Build on AWS is a collection of infrastructure templates and reference architectures covering a wide variety of solutions curated specifically for startups

Amazon Cloudwatch Application Insights launches application auto-discovery and new health dashboard


Amazon Cloudwatch Application Insights launches new application auto-discovery and a new Health Dashboard to allow monitoring and alerting on your applications.

AWS RDS launches support for X2g Instance Type


AWS RDS launches support for the new X2g instance types which provide the highest memory per vCPU at the lowest cost per GiB of memory for RDS

AWS RDS launches support for T4g Instance Type


AWS RDS has launched support for the new T4g instance type, which provide a baseline performance with burst capability to increase performance

AWS RDS launches support for R5b Instance Type


AWS RDS has launched support for R5b DB instances, which support up to 3x the I/O operations per second (IOPS) and 3x the bandwidth on Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) compared to the latest x86-based memory-optimized DB instances.

Amazon Coretto 17 now available


Amazon Coretto, the production-ready implementation of OpenJDK has launched version 17 and is now available for use on AWS

Amazon launches Amazon MSK Connect for managed Apache Kafka Cluster connections


Amazon has launched Amazon MSK connect for managing Apache Kafka Clusters and is a managed version of Kafka Connect, which allows you to configure and deploy a connector using Kafka Connect with a just few clicks