Weekly News Roundup 24th September 2021

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Welcome to this week’s Weekly News Roundup from the world of AWS and Technology. A big week this week with announcements including a new region for New Zealand, lots of QuickSight updates, Elastic Beanstalk dynamic instance types, AWS WAF gets in-line regex support, the GameLift Unity plugin has been release and lots more.

AWS announces new region in the works for New Zealand


AWS has announced plans for a new region in New Zealand to be launched in 2024.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk announces dynamic instance type selection


AWS Elastic Beanstalk has announced support for dynamic instance type selection, to allow for choosing instances by size rather than a specific type.

AWS releases new architecture icons


AWS has released new Architectural Icons for creating diagrams with AWS Services.

Amazon QuickSight releases new natural language business intelligence tool


Amazon QuickSight has released a new natural language tool for asking questions of your data in QuickSight.

Amazon Macie releases Managed Data Identifiers


Amazon Macie release new Managed Data Identifiers for selecting which types of PII information should be flagged.

Amazon Connect releases feature to add purchase history to customer profiles


Amazon Connect has released a new feature for adding Purchasing History to customer profiles to track their purchases for reference during calls.

AWS Service Catalog releases AppRegistry link to AWS Systems Manager


AWS Service Catalog has released a feature for using AppRegistry within Systems Manager to provide an end-to-end application management experience.

AWS OpenTelemetry releases Tracing support


AWS OpenTelemetry, the AWS Supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project has launched support for tracing via AWS X-Ray and other monitoring services.

Read about AWS Cloud Builders careers and personal growth


AWS has released a blog post on a number of Cloud Builders detailing their careers and personal growth while building on AWS.

AWS WAF releases in-line regular expressions


AWS WAF has released support for in-line regular expressions in WAF rules rather than having to create a regular expression set separately.

Amazon DynamoDB releases granular audit control for logging streams


Amazon DynamoDB has released support for granular audit controls when monitoring logging streams by filtering CloudTrail entries when logging.

AWS IoT Device Defender releases one-click auditing


AWS IoT Device Defender launches new support for one-click auditing of individual devices.

Amazon EC2 Fleet releases Instant Mode with on-demand capacity reservations


Amazon EC2 fleets, the service for deploying EC2 images at scale now supports on-demand capacity reservations, allowing for instance launches of instances.

Amazon Lex releases utterance statistics


Amazon Lex has released support for utterance statistics, allowing you to track how people are using your lex application and tailor it more specifically to how people are using it.

Amazon EMR Studio launches support for Multi-Language Jupyter notebooks for spark workloads


Amazon EMR Studio has launched support for multi-language Jupyter notebooks for spark workloads.

Amazon SageMaker Studio launches support for interactive spark data processing notebooks


Amazon SageMaker Studio launches support for interactive spark data processing applications using Jupyter notebooks, allowing for interactive queries on your data without having to spin up full models to explore.

AWS Ground Station launches license accelerator


AWS has announced Licensing Accelerator for Ground Station, allowing businesses looking to use AWS Ground Station and Satellites access to resources for obtaining spectrum licences to smooth the often complex process of obtaining a licence to operate.

Amazon ECR launches support for replicating individual repositories to other accounts and regions


Amazon ECR launches support for replicating individual Elastic Container Registry repositories to other accounts and regions.

AWS launch tool for Advert Verification with machine learning and AWS Inferentia


AWS has launched a new solution for verifying Adverts using machine learning and AWS inferentia instances.

Amazon SageMaker AutoPilot launches new metrics for classification problems


Amazon SageMaker launches new metrics for classification problems, allowing you to better select the type of model you want to run based on AutoPilot’s recommendations.

AWS Site-to-site VPN launches new download configuration additions


AWS Site-to-Site VPN launches new addition configuration details for more types of endpoints.

Amazon Comprehend launches model management enhancements


Amazon Comprehend launches new model management enhancements that allow you more control over the natural language processing models being used in your comprehend resources.

Amazon Detective launches support for S3 and DNS


Amazon Detective launches support for S3 and DNS based findings to expand the potential security events that can be detected using the service.

AWS launches GameLift Unity plugin and new CloudFormation templates for common uses


AWS has announced the general availability of the Unity GameLift plugin and CloudFormation templates for the common ways Unity can interact with other Amazon services

AWS RoboMaker launches support for container images in simulations


AWS RoboMaker has announced container support for simulating robotics applications at cloud scale.

Amazon QuickSight launches Dataset-as-a-source


Amazon QuickSight launches Dataset-as-a-source, allowing you to launch new insights on datasets created from existing datasets and combining them to provide new ways to gather insights on data.

Amazon MSK launches multiple authentication modes


Amazon MSK has launched support for multiple authentication modes allowing you to move seamlessly between different authentication modes at different stages using modes such as mutual TLS, SASL SCRAM, or IAM Access Control.