CirrusHQ build on their AWS expertise by achieving new status as an AWS Service Delivery Partner for Lambda

CirrusHQ build on their AWS expertise by achieving new status as an AWS Service Delivery Partner for Lambda

CirrusHQ, a UK leading Cloud solutions company, are delighted to have achieved yet another AWS Service Delivery Partner status for AWS Lambda.


The AWS Service Delivery Program is designed to highlight AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who have a track record of delivering verified customer success for specific Amazon Web Services (AWS) products.


The AWS Service Delivery Program is to help AWS customers find qualified APN Partners that provide expertise in a specific service or skill area. To qualify, partners must pass service-specific verification of customer references and a technical review, meaning customers can be confident they are working with partners that provide recent and relevant experience.


“AWS Lambda has become a key enabler in the serverless world. Clients do not need to worry about infrastructure or servers, code can be written and deployed quickly and used in multiple situations. This improves speed to market, it drives innovation, and Lambdas can be used at any scale and and across all AWS services. Being Lambda experts, CirrusHQ has not only delivered client projects, but we use Lambdas in more innovative ways, to help our clients have a much richer managed service such as orchestrating control of email, scheduling of events, and triggering detailed bespoke reporting. ” commented John Walker, Solutions Architect Team Lead at CirrusHQ


Lambda benefits AWS users because they can run code without thinking about servers or clusters while only paying for what is used.


Lambda benefits


  • No servers to manage
  • Continuous scaling
  • Cost optimized with millisecond metering
  • Consistent performance at any scale


“I am very proud of what the CirrusHQ team have achieved and builds on our already unrivalled skills and experience which uniquely supports clients to unlock the scale and innovation of the Cloud – from start-ups to growing organisations. Wherever an organisation is on their cloud journey our end-to-end expertise enables us to deliver the right balance of advice, development and affordability that works for them.” said Daemonn Brody, MD at CirrusHQ



About CirrusHQ


CirrusHQ are a highly accredited AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner and experienced UK leading cloud consultancy – who consult, design, architect, build, migrate, and manage innovative AWS cloud based solutions for organisations to develop and grow.


With over 14 years’ experience of taking private, educational, Government and non-profit institutions online, CirrusHQ is also the UK’s first and only UK Consulting Partner to hold the AWS Education Competency and the Well-Architected Framework certification.



Move to the Cloud


  • Immersion Days: Learn to implement solutions to transform an organisation
  • Professional Services: Expert cloud design & delivery
  • Cloud Migration: Ensure a smooth journey to the cloud
  • FastStart: Efficient and cost effective service to test your next business solution in the cloud


Optimising the Cloud


  • Managed Cloud Services: Peace of mind & optimised AWS cloud
  • Well Architected Review: Assess & improve cloud solutions
  • DevOps: Innovate and streamline cloud delivery
  • Serverless: Reduce infrastructure overhead & time to market
  • CirrusHQ Insights: Dashboard to manage all your AWS accounts


Public framework & Accreditations


  • G-Cloud 12
  • Scotland Digital Technology Services DPS
  • Guiding members of UCISA
  • AWS’s Public Sector Partner & Solution Provider
  • AWS Education Competency Partner
  • AWS Marketplace
  • AWS Advanced Consultancy Partner


High level of customer care


At CirrusHQ, the implementation of our services and the experience is core to our mission. We take pride in delivering at the highest standards and this dedication is reflected in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) – our customers rank us as excellent, giving us an NPS of +78 (range: -100 to +100).

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CirrusHQ build on their AWS expertise by achieving new status as an AWS Service Delivery Partner for Lambda