On-demand Webinar – Event-Driven Architecture: Routing Billions of Events with EventBridge

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Title: Event-Driven Architecture: Routing Billions of Events with EventBridge

Presenter:  Luc van Donkersgoed AWS Hero and Lead Solution Software Engineer

Date: 3rd February 2022

Hosted by CirrusHQ, we are delighted to have Luc van Donkersgoed, AWS Hero, who is a subject matter expert in building Event-Driven Architecture at PostNL which is the Dutch national postal service.

In the last few years PostNL have seen enormous growth in the area of parcel delivery, combined with a strong increase in competitors and their skills. Their ambition is to be your favorite delivery company, and to achieve that goal they need to innovate. Innovate like crazy.

Central to this innovation is the event-driven integration between the many teams responsible for getting a parcel to your doorstep: when a parcel is first registered, that’s an event. When it arrives at a sorting center, that’s an event. When a truck is delayed, that’s an event. When the delivery driver delivers the package to your neighbours, that’s an event. Each of these events needs to be processed by zero, one or more consumers. The delivery and structure of these events needs to be reliable, new events should be added to the system seamlessly, and event consumers should be able to discover and receive any event they require.

This is a challenge at any scale – but it’s an extreme challenge at PostNL, who are processing 1.100.000 parcels every day, leading to 6 billion events per month. And they only expect these numbers to grow.

In this talk Luc will present a secure, reliable and elastic solution for event routing at scale, built on EventBridge, API Gateway, Lambda, S3 and the CDK. Luc will deep dive on topics like security, cost, integration and monitoring. Lastly, we will look at areas of improvement, such as latency, cost efficiency, and reducing the number of components and services used..

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