Leading AWS Cloud Specialist CirrusHQ adds new office locations

Leading AWS Cloud Specialist CirrusHQ adds new office locations

To help meet rising demand for its services and the spread of a growing client base, leading Public Cloud Consulting and Solution Specialist CirrusHQ has opened new offices in Bristol and Birmingham, to complement those in Edinburgh, Oxford and London.


James Lucas, CirrusHQ CEO commented: “Our business has been ahead of the recent trend of remote working, having adopted this model many years ago. Our focus has always been on what our people can do for our clients, rather than where they do it.


“Although this enabled us to rise to the challenge of the pandemic and recruit the best talent wherever they are based, the human desire to meet in person is still important, which is why we have opened these two new offices.


“Whilst many organisations suffered severe disruption in 2020/21, we worked hard to minimise the impact caused by the need for remote working for many of our clients, particularly in the education sector, when distance learning became the norm, not the exception.


“It also appears that many organisations took the opportunity to consider and re-assess their long-term strategic goals, with Cloud and AWS Cloud in particular playing a leading role in their future direction, as the benefits become clear.


“For CirrusHQ, this has delivered a strong performance in 2021, with a doubling of customer numbers and an increase of 250% in project numbers over the previous year and a significant jump in Well Architected Reviews (WAR) undertaken.


“This year also saw CirrusHQ launch its FastStart proof of concept solution, designed to help organisations innovate faster and safer on the AWS cloud, whilst helping clients apply for AWS funding to support development and cost of delivery.


“This innovation and success is also driving our current recruitment campaign for top AWS Cloud talent. And with new people, comes a need for new spaces in which to collaborate with colleagues and clients alike, which is why we selected Bristol and Birmingham as new office locations.


“It is hoped as the UK economy returns to some semblance of normality, we can again meet safely in person to discuss in depth the opportunities and challenges organisations most face. to help drive their digital transformation and innovation in the Cloud.”

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Leading AWS Cloud Specialist CirrusHQ adds new office locations