On demand webinar – Machine Learning & AWS – No expertise needed!

On demand webinar – Machine Learning & AWS – No expertise needed!

CirrusHQ were delighted to have presented to the AWS User Group Edinburgh on the topic of AWS Machine Learning.


Our very own John Walker presented along with Miguel Jaques, Co-founder at NimboSH on how to utilise AWS’s expertise and data with Machine Learning Insights – to improve your customer experience, optimise business operations, and accelerate innovation without having to start from scratch.


AWS provides a range of services that utilise Machine Learning, where AWS do the heavy lifting. These powerful, out-of-the-box features make it easy for anyone to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.


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Title: Machine Learning & AWS – No expertise needed!.


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What will you learn?


Manage Infrastructure on AWS and run Machine Learning tasks as if they are local while building, iterating, and delivering ML models.
Discover the many AWS services that utilise Machine Learning, AWS’s experience and data to provide Services for you to quickly benefit from Machine Learning without requiring any Machine Learning expertise.


Who is it for?


For anyone who wants to Gain Insights from their Data, Process Customer Feedback, Create Recommendations, Work with Speech and Text recognition, Forecast Modelling, Monitor Metrics, Improve Industrial Monitoring of Defects or Quality Issues, Detect Fraud, and many more use cases.





Miguel Jaques

A PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh, Co-founder at NimboSH and Tech Lead at Springbok.ai. Miguel will discuss and demonstrate his open-source tool Nimbo.sh



John Walker

Professional Services Team Lead, CirrusHQ will cover a number of AWS services that can utilise Machine Learning. John has spent many years overseeing the delivery of infrastructure build and Well-Architected Reviews, holding multiple AWS certifications including Solutions Architect Professional & Associate, and Certified Developer Associate.


Table of Contents

On demand webinar – Machine Learning & AWS – No expertise needed!