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Protect your organisation from attacks and maintain business continuity with a tailored end-to-end data backup and restoration solution.

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Gain access to industry experts and world leading security services and tools

  • Make your data immutable and secure with rapid recovery, whatever the size of data.
  • Apply protection to mitigate against malicious attacks and threats
  • Ensure you utilise only the most valuable Cloud services for your organisation
  • Management support of third-party backup and restoration suppliers
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We are on a mission to accelerate higher education’s digital transformation.

Attacks on the education sector have increased dramatically over recent years with on-premise IT infrastructure once considered security best practise now compromised on a frequent basis. Security requirements are never more critical to maintain services and mitigate attacks often requiring additional support and IT knowledge to support a growing hybrid IT infrastructure.

We deploy information management and security tools to easily integrate the cloud as a seamless and secure extension of your on-premises and legacy environments.


On premise and hybrid solutions

SafeGuard is a packaged service designed to mitigate cyber threats by addressing the ever-changing demands placed on your infrastructure and resources. If responding to an existing threat or proactively increasing your data protection, we can provide end-to-end assistance in the solutions needed to secure, back-up, and restore your key systems. SafeGuard includes the use of the world leading Cloud provider for education organisations Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is partly due to their flexible, wide range and low-cost security solutions.


SafeGuard is ideal for institutions that require:

  • Back-up of valuable data to the Cloud
  • Assistance on creating a secure AWS ‘landing zone’
  • The functionality of leading backup tools such as Rubrik or Veeam to ensure AWS is configured appropriately
  • Management of AWS costs
  • Monitoring, analytics, and management of AWS infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery processes and orchestration
  • Immutable backups to protect from cybersecurity/ransomware attacks


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Secure your infrastructure to innovate faster

Our experts work with you to tailor your backup and restoration needs, working with your 3rd party providers where appropriate, and ensuring your AWS infrastructure is setup securing and aligned to best-practice from day 1. Our method is to provide an end-to-end service in assisting any or all aspects of getting data onto AWS.

Read how within hours of a cyber-attack on the UK’s largest college, CirrusHQ helped them defend and recover into a stronger security posture.

CirrusHQ - Highly experienced, accredited and rated

We have identified and remediated thousands of high risks for organisations, to improve their teaching and learning experiences, connect campus communities to systems and tools, and securely store institutional knowledge and data.

We have you covered every step of the way to handle security in the Cloud. As a highly experienced company for over 14 years we have helped deploy services that enable automation and agility, scale with your workloads, and help you keep your operational costs low.

Our ISO27001-certified expert team of engineers make it easy to tailor your security to meet the requirements of your business as you grow. Also as the only UK AWS Consulting Partner with its Education Certification, CirrusHQ is the expert for AWS cloud implementation in education.

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