The AWS Well-Architected Framework Continues to Provide Success for Business and Enterprise

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As a long-standing Well-Architected Partner, CirrusHQ continues to use the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework (operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation) to provide a solid foundation for customers’ AWS technology solutions.

The AWS Well-Architected Framework was designed to enable AWS Partners to deliver to their customers defined, efficient processes that improve their cloud infrastructure according to best practice. CirrusHQ has seen the developing customer benefits of both the Well-Architected Framework (WAF) and Well-Architected Review (WAR). These include the use of benchmarks to drive performance-focussed architecture and dramatically improved cost efficiencies.

The process of becoming a Well-Architected Partner continues to act as a qualifying tool for customers so they can be sure their solutions provider is trusted and listed by AWS.

Partners must have at least two AWS certified Solutions-architect to begin the process, then the company must review a minimum of 1 workload per-quarter as well as removing a minimum of 12 High-Risk Issues per quarter. This is then followed up with further WAR technical training and then integration of the WAF into the business.

This enables us to build the most cost efficient, secure and high-performing work-flows possible for our customers. As the framework evolves, it forces Partners to evolve with it, meaning we can aim higher as the technology advances.

A great example of the WAR effectiveness is seen in the use-case of a Global Publisher we recently worked with: via the Well-Architected Review, we were able to save them a six-figure sum on their workloads.

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