OnDemand Webinar: Delivery of higher quality software, faster, with a step by step guide on creating a CI/CD pipeline

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Title: Delivery of higher quality software, faster, with a step by step guide on creating a CI/CD pipeline

Presenter:  John Walker Solutions Architect, PS Team Lead CirrusHQ.

Date: 4th November

The CI/CD process is important because it makes deploying processes easier and more predictable. It also brings consistency and reliability to the software development process, resulting in improved collaboration between development teams and operations, lower costs and better applications.

There is a lot of information on how to develop a CI/CD strategy and create a CI/CD pipeline but not every step in a build can be straight forward. This webinar will further help you understand what options and decisions to take to help you build an effective CI/CD pipeline.

Join us at a DevOps bitesize workshop with John Walker, Head of Cloud Architecture at CirrusHQ to learn how to set up a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (or Continuous Deployment) pipeline to allow for automation of releasing new code into your environments.

This workshop will include details on:

  • How to create a CI/CD pipeline with CodePipeline
  • How to connect your GitHub account to AWS via a CodeStar Connection
  • How to set up CodeBuild to package up your code in a cost-efficient way
  • How to set up CodeDeploy to deliver your code to an EC2 environment
  • How to deploy a Lambda Function using CloudFormation
  • How to use CloudFormation to set up all of these services as Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • We’ll touch on how this can also be done via TerraForm (We won’t go into as much detail here, but show how the process is similar)

There is a short presentation and a demo of the setup.


On Demand Webinar

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GitHub Templates

The templates referenced in the Webinar are available at our GitHub Repository:


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